The Skirted SwimSuit

Destin Beach FL was once again packed with vacationers as rows and rows of umbrella chairs lined the sand from the boardwalk all the way to the beach behind almost every condominium . As we headed down from our 12th floor room overlooking the gulf for our first relaxing day of fun in the sun, the thought projected onto my mind like a movie marque that this was my very first year on the beach in the dreaded “skirted swimsuit”! I really could have cried, but your supposed to be happy on vacation right ? The  past few years of stress at work, thyroid and hormonal issues, had left their mark and my body had changed!
It changed from the slim and trim, 115  lb. 5′ 3″ petite frame I used to carry,  to a fuller figure with about 35 extra pounds. But hey, I’m not a teenager any more either.

My 51 years have led me down some interesting paths…some darker than others, but I’ve finally settled into the light where Jesus is The Lord over every area of my life…well almost every area.

I am  finally in a good place spiritually, and a good place with my family and friends,  but once again my weight is an issue.

I’ve struggled with my weight off and on over the course of my life and always find that I’m heaviest when I’m the happiest…go figure?

I can be stick pin thin,  when the world around me is crumbling. But when life is good everything just tastes better!

But I decided to put the depressing thoughts out of my head and tried to stop the comparisons to the other seasoned women that were sunbathing, because after all… I do clean up pretty good! And yes it has to be said, that everyone looks better with clothes on anyway!

But then another even more disturbing thought crossed my mind. Do I embrace the dreaded “skirted swimsuit” in all of its glory, or do I embrace this down time as a time to recharge my battery and get back in the game, finally giving this struggle to God as well.

(I just shared the first draft of this article with my sweet Husband, Lee,  as we sit on the back of our new 38 ft Searay motor yacht, that The Lord has so graciously blessed us with, and after reading my draft,  he plays “One Hot Mama” by Trace Adkins over the stereo and turns it up so loud that I just have to laugh! What a guy! Even in the skirted suit he still thinks I’m Hot!! And that’s all that matters anyway, that my guy still thinks I’m One Hot Mama!! Right?)

Maybe so, but the Girl I want to be, wants it all and she seems to think she deserves it!

I’m thankful for the road I’ve travelled, even in times of adversity, because it has led me to this new season in my life.

So, I’ve decided to use this revelation as an opportunity to work towards attaining it all.. Simultaneously!! What a revelation! I can have it all and all at the same time!!

Yes! You can have great relationships, a great job, great health and be physically fit,  if you give it all to The Lord!

So, Lord, I’m giving it to you and asking you to help me make better choices with the food that I put in my mouth!

Help me to get back in the exercise game too, strengthening my  muscles and building stamina.

When I contemplate that my body is the vessel that houses the Holy Spirit, I’m drawn to the fact that I need to take better care of myself!

Thank you Lord for all the good things too, as  the song now playing by The Afters  reminds me that “you’re the reason  for every good thing, every heart beat, everyday we get to breathe!”

And I don’t want to waste another minute of it! So as I make this decision once again to regain focus on what’s best for me I’m saying goodbye to the skirted swimsuit season and trusting that next year I’ll be fit and trim and worthy of the two piece bikini one more time before I die!

Author: Marie Fitts

Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Writer, Dog Lover, Grated in and Grateful, Child of the Most High God!

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