New Year’s Faithfulness

If you’re like most Americans you will start the upcoming New Year with a resolution to lose weight. The gyms across the country will be flooded with good intentions. Some will be successful in their endeavors while others will still face the same demons well into the Spring. What do you think makes the difference for those who will become a success story? I believe it’s perseverance and willingness to make changes that become new constants.

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word Change as: the process of becoming different; to become something else; to make radically different, to transform. Do you want to be radically different from the way you are now? Do you need transformation? I do! I’m tired of the yo-yo diets, feeling bloated, lifeless and tired! I’ve been struggling with the same health issues for several years now and much of my struggle is self-inflicted.

The Encouragement For Today devotional on 12/12/13 entitled The Place Where Disappointment Grows, was written by Lysa TerKeurst. Lysa made a statement in her writing that lit up the page for me like a Christmas tree! She stated, ”The space between my reality & my expectations will only change if I do.” I love that quote and I’m claiming it as my mantra for the New Year!

Her comment motivated me to do a little more research on the word “change” to see if I might glean additional knowledge that would add a few more meaty morsels of inspiration to sink my teeth into, instead of turning to the sugar and gluten laden options that have gotten me into my current inflamed state…literally and physically.

Let’s use the word CHANGE as an acronym to further outline what is needed to be successful in making a change:

Constant – Invariable or unwavering and marked by a firm steadfast resolution or faithfulness.

Hard – Difficult. Not easy.

Alter – To cause to change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way.

Necessary – What is required to be done.

Good – Praiseworthy. Anything deserving of respect, of the highest worth. Well-being.

Effective – Producing a decided, decisive or desired effect.

In reviewing we see that change requires constant faithfulness, hard decisions or tasks. We can also take note that we may have to alter our steps in some small way to achieve our goal. There will be necessary requirements in order for us to see change and make progress, and when we accomplish our goal the results will be good and produce the effect we have desired.

I like the word “faithfulness” described above in the definition of constant, instead of resolution. It makes the process more spiritual and I need my God in the middle of everything, for me to be successful! Change is often hard and can be very difficult but the reward well worth the effort. Anything that comes too easily is usually not appreciated, as much as, the things we have to work diligently toward.

So, in this upcoming season where we are resolved to make changes, are you up for the task? Change can be good and positive change always has a positive effect!

I think this year, instead of a resolution, I’m making a “New Year’s Faithfulness” to change. I’m going to work really hard to close the space between my reality and my expectations. Will  you join me?

Author: Marie Fitts

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