It’s Always Too Soon To Quit

Thanks for joining me today at Grafted In And Grateful. These are not my words today, but words of inspiration that came from our Senior Pastor at Hope Church, Rev. Rufus Smith. I wanted to share Pastor Smith’s message with anyone who has a God Inspired dream in their heart.

Rev Smith has been speaking from the book of Genesis, Chapters 37-41. His message this week entitled Right Place, Right Time tells the story of Joseph as a brother, slave, prisoner and visionary.

Rev Smith talked about the dreams of both Joseph and Pharoah; how they were placed there by God and revealed to them in God’s timing. He talked about the recurring dream in your heart that just won’t go away and that if it is inspired by God, He will see it through to completion as is stated in the book of Genesis: “The doubling or recurrence of Pharoah’s dream means this future is fixed by God and he will make it happen very soon.”Genesis 41:32 (VOICE)

Do you have a recurring dream, one that is God Inspired that you just can’t shake? Has this dream been a lifelong aspiration? Maybe you just need to be at THE RIGHT PLACE at THE RIGHT TIME like Joseph? Although, he had to go through some very difficult years, God used it for his good.

Rev Smith described the principles of being at the
Right Place, Right Time and I wanted to share them with you:

Right Place, Right Time
* The principle applies only to GOD INSPIRED dreams
* These dreams are lifelong ASPIRATIONS or desires planned by God in your heart, just as he did for Joseph
* God’s timing prepares you well to HUMBLY EXCEL on center stage
* God’s timing does NOT MEAN that dreams deferred are dreams DENIED
* God’s timing will bring well-rounded success and SATISFACTION in every major area of your life

My summary:
If you have a dream that is God Inspired, a dream that has been a lifelong desire, do not give up on that dream! Just because it hasn’t come to fruition does not mean the dream is denied. Stay focused, stay the course, continue to learn and to grow. Do not listen to the voice of the enemy. Step out in faith, take on new challenges, get involved in your local church, that just might give you the connections you need that will propel you forward and put you in THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME!

Pastor Smith ended his message with this quote and I’m claiming it as my new mantra:
“It’s always too soon to quit!”

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