Waiting With Expectancy

If you follow my blog, my past several posts have been about following your “Dream” and this one falls right in line.

Anastasiya Kuzmina of Russia had a dream to win a Gold Medal in the Winter Olympics. This year she became the first woman to successfully defend her previous GOLD MEDAL in the 7.5km Biathlon Sprint title. When asked how she did it during her interview with NBC reporters, she replied,”I sleep with my dream!”

Do you sleep with your dream? Are you expecting your Dream to come to pass? Are you expecting Divine connections? Are you expecting to overcome every challenge along the way? Do you expect God’s favor over your life?

If we can’t answer these questions with a resounding “Yes” then we need to put our faith to work! Your dream may not have come to fruition yet, but become a prisoner of Hope…because God can make a dream happen over time or He can suddenly bring it to pass!

While we are waiting with expectancy, let’s pray bold prayers asking God to send His favor now! Let’s ask Him to send good breaks our way and to send divine connections, knowing that He is working behind the scenes, lining up every detail. If our prayers don’t seem to be answered in our time-table, let’s thank Him that we are one day closer to seeing the dream come to pass!

Do you sleep with your dream? Are you doing everything in your power to propel yourself toward reaching your goal? If not, begin working diligently today on anything you can do within your own power…and leave the rest in God’s hands and His timing.

Power Verse:
Psalm 5:3 “In the morning O Lord you hear my voice; In the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.”

Father God,
Thank you for your favor over our lives. Thank you that you are working behind the scenes to make our dreams come true; as we wait with expectancy for your goodness to rain down on us. Thank you that we are one day closer to living our dream, even when we don’t see it in our time table. We praise you for every good thing! It is in Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Author: Marie Fitts

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