Where I Long To Be

Wherever You are
Is where I long to be
I am nothing without you
Flesh of flesh bone of bone
At home in the body
Is away from You
But in Your presence
I am complete
Your Spirit nourishes my soul
I am light
Transcending space and time
I exist only to Love You
I reside in You
Your Spirit in me
We dwell in The Father

Same Old Thing

I struggle with the same old thing
Lord I know you’re sick of hearing
I failed again to pass the test
My actions less than endearing

Wisdom is a matter of being wise in the midst
I’m mostly wise after the event
I see the error of my ways in retrospect
Changing course midstream is an act I’d respect

I’m ashamed of my outbursts over and again
Frustration, aggravation causing me to sin
Losing my cool, my blood pressure pumped
I missed another good chance to shut up!

Yet God knows my struggle
He’s heard my cry
In the aftermath of my actions
I turn my face to the sky

Praying again for forgiveness
Now my heart sings
As my Lord forgives me again
For the same old thing

If I Were The Girl I Wanna Be

If I were the girl I wanna be
I’d not let frustrations bother me
I’d sit calmly in my chair
Living life without a care

If I were the girl I wanna be
I’d take better care of me
Exercise daily, sleep 8 hours
Doing everything in my power

Making the most of this life I’m given
Now wondering why I’m not as driven
When I look deep inside of me
Why I’m not the girl I wanna be?

But I know this girl, we’ve met before
She lingers now and again at my door
She stops by long enough for me to see
Glimpses of who I wanna be

She is neat and tidy, and always dressed
Her words, soft-spoken not meant to impress
She offers encouragement when she can
Now why is that girl not who I am?

She’s in control of her whole being
Missteps from her you won’t be seeing
Because she is wise beyond her years
She trusts in God and has no fears

She’s certain where her life will lead
Fame and fortune, the least of these
Her heart is pure, her mind is set
Living each moment to have no regrets

So I take a step back and focus my gaze
At this girl I wanna be through the haze
Of my blurred vision I do believe
With a little more work that girl could be me

He is Risen

The darkest day in history
When Jesus took my sin from me
Hanging naked on a cross
Dying so I would not be lost

Did thunder roll? Did lightening strike?
Did the earth quake at the sight
Of Love nailed to a tree?
You may not think…but I believe

Might winds howled
The sun hid its face
For what we did
Was such a disgrace

The earth shook with all its might
Saying look what you’ve done! This was not right
To crucify the Savior of the world!
But this was ordained by God, as His plan unfurled

For Jesus to take the punishment meant for us
Three days later God would entrust
Him to rise from the grave…death could not keep
Love imprisoned in a tomb…no more should we weep

For Jesus sits at the right hand
Of God alone
Our King, Our Savior
He is risen to the throne!

An Elegy To Those Who Were There

I’m not the root
just a branch
from a wild olive tree
grafted in and grateful

grateful to those
who were there in the flesh
that physically heard
Jesus speak

and through His breath
The Holy Spirit
passed from His lips
to each Disciple through
the generations

I’m grateful
they took the time to share
His word, His message, His Life
so that one day that breath would cover me

and I would breathe in
the same Holy Spirit
through generations of conversations
told in exhaled breath

and find His Holy Spirit
alive and well
living in me
awaiting this opportunity to exhale


My hands are folded
My head is bowed
Reverently listening
For The Lord now

Quiet my heart
My soul at peace
I yearn for You to teach

My heart is receptive
My mind is clear
A word from You Lord
I long to hear

To guide my life
Along its way
I listen
To learn what You have to say

Through prayer I petition
Lord hear my cry
Rescued again
A thankful sigh

From the rising sun
Until it sets
I will pray continuously
Until we’ve met

The Right Lane

The thought crossed my mind today driving to work, while sitting at the exit ramp to the Interstate, that life really is like a highway. Everyone scurrying to get somewhere, but where is everyone going?

Some are in the left lane trying to merge to the right. Others are already there, deciding that lane is not for them and desperately trying to squeeze into the crowded left lane. Still others are in the right lane, patiently waiting to exit.

The left lane is known to be the HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lane. Many stay in this lane thinking it is the best route. They speed up passing others by along the way.

If you knew that the left lane was leading you down a path where the road was washed out, wouldn’t you try to change your course?
Wouldn’t you merge into the right line no matter how long it took for you to squeeze into the flow of traffic? If you finally made it into the right lane would you be willing to let others go in front of you?

I believe there are many in the HOV lane of life, without a clue that the road they travel is washed out at their final destination.

If you think you might be heading towards a washed out future or a dead-end road that doesn’t lead to an eternity spent with Christ, are you willing to ask The Lord to come into your heart and steer you in the right direction?

If so, just pray: Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins. Come into my heart. I make you my Lord and Savior.

If you prayed that simple prayer, I believe you are born again. Get into a good Bible based Church. Stay yoked to other believers who can keep you accountable and watch as The Lord moves you into the right lane.

Change Your Story

I’m sad for those who don’t believe
For the Kingdom riches they will not receive
Because of cold hearts and calloused minds
Rejecting God’s love, not allowing it inside

I’m sad for those who don’t call on His Name
To The Lamb’s Book of Life, they hold no acclaim
Their vision set on earthly things
Valued at nothing, no more will it bring

For everything is meaningless under the sun
Except a relationship with The One
Who died on a cross made from a tree
Atoning the sin debt for you and me

I’d hate for you to miss His calling on Your LIfe
Because of stubborn rebellion and a heart filled with strife
So lay down your pride and your unbelief
And surrender your life to the Most High Priest

Who waits patiently for you to come back home
So you don’t spend eternity alone
Separated from Christ and His Glory
Repent now…and change your story


In the looking glass I see
A chameleon staring back at me
A soul that has weathered many storms
Constantly changing, taking new form

Adapting and growing with every step
The same, yet different from when we first met
Freedom from guilt and shame of the past
Forgiven and righteous at last, at last

What does this self portrait tell of me
I’m unchained from the past, my God set me free
I’ve become a vessel of mercy and grace
My heart ever changing, along with my face