The Painter

If I were a painter
Sweeping brush in hand
Could I paint a story without tint or shade and
Your attention still command?

If I could make beautiful music
Strumming guitar strings
Would you be compelled to sit a spell and
Listen to me sing?

If I were an orator,
Eloquent and skilled
Expressing my revolutionary views
Could it change your will?

If you were the audience
Of such an artiste
Would you stand and applaud
Or roll your eyes without speech?

In the presence of God
We will all be one day
The Author and Finisher
Of our faith will soon say…

What did you do with
All of your Life?
And what did you do
With my son, Jesus Christ?

Did you believe
In His words painted in red?
The sermon on the Mount
Where Jesus lead

His Disciples and followers
Through The Lord’s Prayer
Teaching the Beatitudes
To and audience who cared

Enough about you and me
To pass His words along
So that centuries would come and go
And His example still stand strong

As the day the greatest orator ever spoke
The greatest author ever wrote
For the greatest singer to portray
What the greatest musician ever played

Jesus spoke with eloquence…and LIVED
Which echoes with His followers in words
The Painter… painted on our hearts

Fishers of Men – A Call to All Christian Writers

Jesus said to His Disciples
Come! Yes, you, all covered in sin
Come follow me and I will
Make you fishers of men

Throw your nets out on every street corner
Casting to catch all who loiter…without purpose
Because there is much work to do
Come follow me, Yes I want you!

Come sit at my feet
And I will teach
Parables and stories
To make you think

Riddles that capture
Everything you should know
Unravelled they speak the Truth
It is so!

So paint my words
Boldly on your heart
In remembrance of Me
While we are apart

Then share what you’ve learned
With all who have sinned
Cast your nets wide
Reel them “ALL” in

To my harbor, my dock
My safe refuge, my haven
And let no man in existence
Ever be mistaken

That I am the One True God
Of this there is no doubt
For your idol worship
Will always end without

The blessings I promised
And what My word conveys
To all who believe
And to all who obey

The words I spoke
That are written in red
Shared first with My Disciples
So they could repeat what I said

And to you… yes YOU!
Sitting there with your pen
Come follow me and I will
Make you fishers of men

Power Verse:
Matthew 4:19 (NIV) “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”

Teach, Preach, & Pass It On!

I read somewhere that the best teachers, teach what they need to learn. I would have been a great teacher because most of my writing comes from a place where I personally need to learn a lesson.
I never want to come across too preachy, because I don’t pretend to have all the answers. But there are some things I’ve experienced that I am certain need to be shared.

I’ve dedicated a PINTEREST page called “Teach, Preach & Pass It On”; pinning inspirational pictures and quotes that just need to be repeated, revisited, rehashed and duplicated! Check it out!
In the meantime, I’ll share what I’ve learned for sure.

I’ve learned that when I stay up too late and don’t get to bed at a descent hour, I can’t get up when the alarm goes off! As a result, I miss the time I’ve set aside in the early morning to spend in devotion and prayer. I realize I need it and miss it desperately when I oversleep, because it sets the course of my day!

When I oversleep, I miss the opportunity to block out the world and spend time talking to Jesus. Even more, I miss the opportunity to listen to what He might tell me through reading His word and slowing down long enough to allow His Holy Spirit to speak to my heart! I miss the opportunity to intercede for my family and friends in prayer and petition to The Father, for His provision, protection and healing over their lives as well.

Do you ever ask for His guidance, but don’t show up daily to listen for His response? I’m sad to admit I’ve done it! I wonder how much further down the road I would be in my walk with Jesus, if I had spent time talking to Him every single day of my life.

Maybe you aren’t an early riser. Maybe you work the night shift. Maybe you prefer to talk with Jesus before you go to bed at night.
Maybe your drive to work is your time alone with Jesus. Just know that the time of day does not matter. It’s the time each day that makes all the difference.

I’ve learned for sure, that the only way to stay in relationship with Jesus is to talk to Him daily. He is right there beside your favorite chair, sitting at the foot of your bed, riding in the car along with you to work…patiently waiting for you to acknowledge His presence.

Won’t you take time today to listen to what He has to say to you? Invite His Holy Spirit into your heart. Read your Bible daily and keep your heart open for His voice. The Holy Spirit will speak to you in a way that will be made known to you.

Then, when you’ve heard from Him, be sure to… Teach, Preach and Pass It On!

Does Your Drive Match Your Desire?

If someone asked you, “What is your heart’s desire?”, could you tell them? Do you even know what it is that makes you happy?
Does your drive match your desire?

I majored in Communications in college and had big dreams of becoming a news reporter. I could picture myself coming into your home every evening via the local news station to give you all the latest news across the nation and on the scene.

I also had dreams of becoming a recording artist. I grew up singing in Church and with my sisters. We spent countless hours spinning
the old 45 records and albums on Mom’s front porch.

We used an extension cord to plug in the record player and bring it outside. We would swing in the porch swing and sing to the top of our lungs to artist’s like The Monkeys, The Jackson Five, The Osmonds, Olivia Newton-John, Englebert Humperdinck, and Tom Jones…What’s New Pussy Cat? (I know I’m dating myself here!)

We took turns jumping out of the swing to change the needle on the records. I can still hear my Mom pecking on the kitchen window for us to slow down, because we were going too high and she was afraid we would fly out of the swing… or worse, slam into the living room window!

In my mid twenties, I sang in a Country Band and actually recorded some music at Cotton Row Studios in Memphis, TN. So all those years of vocal training on Mom’s front porch swing didn’t go to waste.

Although my recording never aired over the radio and the dream never culminated to the level I had hoped. I can still check this one off my bucket list!

Even though I felt like my “drive” never got much beyond first gear, I’ve managed to keep my heart on the off-road near the interstate of my desires. I can see the freeway through the trees as I round each new corner of my life. My desire was not always in focus, but it was always there.

Who knew that dairies and journals were the prerequisite for my dream coming to pass? Who knew that all those communications classes, copy writing and editing classes would not go to waste after all? Who knew that the Proverbs 31 Ministries She Speaks Conference in Charlotte NC last year would open up the door to this blog?

Who knew it? God knew it! He had designs on me all along to become a reporter… just not for the local news. He wanted me to report on the GOOD NEWS of the GOSPEL!

He has equipped me with creativity and the Spiritual Gift to inspire others through devotional writing and devotional poetry. I suppose I had the drive all along and didn’t recognize how well it has matched my desires.

Do you have the determination to see your dreams come to pass? Take inventory of your life and see if you don’t recognize how God is already orchestrating your drive to match your desire!

Tell It To The Father

Tell it to The Father
When your heart is lonely
If your burden’s overwhelming
When you feel like you’re the only

One who’s suffered an injustice
Don’t you know that You can Trust this?
He will always
Be waiting

When your lonely heart is aching
When your weary back is breaking
From the weight of all your sorrows
If fear or dread fills your tomorrows

Tell it to the Father
For He is the One that made you
And His heart…you know it craves for you
To call upon His name

When your life feels so insane
When you’re drowning in your tears
Because nothings changed
…and it’s been years

Why? Have you not trusted?
That The Lord provides the justice
Through His death upon the cross
‘Twas for Believers…not the lost!

For Sin is the cause
Separating right and wrong
And even Satan with his best
Fiery darts aimed at your chest

Knows they’re arrows you cannot defend
Without the Armor
From the Friend
We have in Jesus!

So tell it to The Father
Tell your joys and all your sorrows
Tell your dreams for your tomorrows
Tell your triumphs and defeat

Linger near His mercy seat

Living life to teach and inspire
Others to search for their desires
Through God The Father, up above
His Spirit descends on us like a dove

Firmly resting
In the place
Where on our knees
We find His grace

So tell it to The Father

A Violent Peace


He came blameless to the world
Setting an example of how we should live
He was persecuted, whipped and beaten
For what “we” did
He died a violent death
Hanging on a tree
Hands and feet pierced by nails
A mocking crown of thorns on His Head
Put to death by His own people
They called Him The King of the Jews


He loved us enough to take our punishment on Himself
He overcame the grave
He ascended into heaven…but what does “he ascended” mean except that
He also descended to the lower, earthly regions? (Ephesians 4:9)
Do you think it means He went through Hell for us – atoning for our sin debt?
He came in peace
He lived in peace
He died so that we might experience that same peace
The Peace that surpasses all understanding
He Arose and His Holy Spirit
Is alive and well
Living on the inside of all those who believe

Tis So Sweet To Do Nothing

On a clear and breezy day
Relaxing on the beach in May
“Far Niente” the Italians say
Tis so sweet to do nothing!

The work week is done
Now basking in the sun
Vacation has finally come
Tis so sweet to do nothing!

The girls trip to Pensacola Beach
We’re never at a loss for speech
Taking turns to tell our “tales”
No rain in sight, the sun prevails!

Laughter reigns as the seagulls cry
Planes advertise across the sky
Some read books in shades of gray
To rekindle passion of younger days!

Catalogs and magazines
Fill the silences between
The latest news or beauty tip
What works for wrinkles, hair and lips.

We share our joys and recipes
Our heartaches too
We’ve touched
On these…

But overall
The girls trip rings…
It Tis so Sweet to do nothing!

For the Love of a Mother

For the love of a Mother
Every child’s heart aches
From the day that we are born
We yearn for what it takes

To know and feel a Mother’s love
The hugs and kisses on our face
She was created by God to comfort us
Regardless of time or space

We all need Mom’s approval
We still search for it in later days
And if Mom’s not happy
Well…you know what all the critics say!

Some Mom’s are great… they are “All In”
No matter what the game
But if your Mom was not up to the test
Your experience may not be the same

You may feel hurt or left to wonder
How could she treat me that way?
But remember your Mom was once a young girl
In a game with no rule book to play

Maybe she didn’t have a good role model
And maybe she didn’t know the Lord
So how could she pass down something to you
That in her own life she never absorbed

Maybe she wants to change her past
As much as you do yours
Maybe she cries in the night
For the love of a Mother to implore

You not to pass judgement over her
Until you’ve walked a mile in her shoes
Then maybe you’d understand
She felt no love inside to use

Toward you when you were just a kid
Or even now that you are older
She’s looking for the same love of a Mother
Hey, maybe she could use your shoulder?

To lean on while she tells her story
Of days gone by…mostly guts no glory
How she made it through her difficult past
To a starring role in which she was cast

To teach “YOU” from
Her past mistakes
So if she was not a good example
Why don’t you give your Mom a break

On this Mother’s Day
As you ponder
If she is still living
Praise God that you can honor

Your Mother, no matter
What the case
For the Love of a Mother
Every child’s heart aches

For The Graduate – A Verse To Remember

I wrote this poem for my niece, Hannah Pearson, and the graduating High School Senior Class of 2014 at Jackson Christian School, in Jackson, TN.

Matthew 7:12 (NIV) –
“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and Prophets.”

In the early years in grammar school
We learned to write
The Golden Rule
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

On wide ruled tablets
With thick pencil lead
Writing and Listening to what The Teacher said
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Our young hearts were open
Our little minds were set
Memorizing the rule so we would not forget
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

But was that just an exercise in futility
Reciting a verse that would not come to be?
Because as the years flew by and we made our way
Through Middle and High School and even up to today

If we were truly honest
Our hearts would tell
We’ve forgotten the verse
We once knew so well

We’ve forgotten our words
Wound just like a knife
That words move us to actions
Often causing strife

Words of hatred and anger
Words of slander and disgust
Are killing us softly
Returning us to dust

So let’s remember again
On this Graduation Day
What The Teacher has said as we go on our way
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

This one simple verse
Quoted in red
From the good book of Matthew our Savior Jesus said
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

If we’ve learned anything at all
From these past twelve years
Among foe, friend or peer

Then we will be successful
All of our days
As we humble our hearts
With Grateful Praise

To the One who offers the best
Of what the future holds
When we do what He said, just as He told
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Mirror Image

Holding tightly to my youth
As my crowning glory turns to gray
Deep inside I still feel the same
But that’s not what the mirror’s say

The mirror used to be my friend
She portrayed me with radiant light
She championed my every effort
In which I took delight

But the mirror is calloused toward me now
Not always showing the best side of me
She is blunt and in one single glance
Weather’s the young beauty I used to be

But the mirror does not know my heart
My appearance is all she sees
She has no idea of the beauty within
The woman I’ve grown to be

So if I had one wish it would be
For the mirror to meet my heart
Reflecting all the beauty still inside
The beauty that is my heart