For the Love of a Mother

For the love of a Mother
Every child’s heart aches
From the day that we are born
We yearn for what it takes

To know and feel a Mother’s love
The hugs and kisses on our face
She was created by God to comfort us
Regardless of time or space

We all need Mom’s approval
We still search for it in later days
And if Mom’s not happy
Well…you know what all the critics say!

Some Mom’s are great… they are “All In”
No matter what the game
But if your Mom was not up to the test
Your experience may not be the same

You may feel hurt or left to wonder
How could she treat me that way?
But remember your Mom was once a young girl
In a game with no rule book to play

Maybe she didn’t have a good role model
And maybe she didn’t know the Lord
So how could she pass down something to you
That in her own life she never absorbed

Maybe she wants to change her past
As much as you do yours
Maybe she cries in the night
For the love of a Mother to implore

You not to pass judgement over her
Until you’ve walked a mile in her shoes
Then maybe you’d understand
She felt no love inside to use

Toward you when you were just a kid
Or even now that you are older
She’s looking for the same love of a Mother
Hey, maybe she could use your shoulder?

To lean on while she tells her story
Of days gone by…mostly guts no glory
How she made it through her difficult past
To a starring role in which she was cast

To teach “YOU” from
Her past mistakes
So if she was not a good example
Why don’t you give your Mom a break

On this Mother’s Day
As you ponder
If she is still living
Praise God that you can honor

Your Mother, no matter
What the case
For the Love of a Mother
Every child’s heart aches

Author: Marie Fitts

Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Writer, Dog Lover, Grated in and Grateful, Child of the Most High God!

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