Tis So Sweet To Do Nothing

On a clear and breezy day
Relaxing on the beach in May
“Far Niente” the Italians say
Tis so sweet to do nothing!

The work week is done
Now basking in the sun
Vacation has finally come
Tis so sweet to do nothing!

The girls trip to Pensacola Beach
We’re never at a loss for speech
Taking turns to tell our “tales”
No rain in sight, the sun prevails!

Laughter reigns as the seagulls cry
Planes advertise across the sky
Some read books in shades of gray
To rekindle passion of younger days!

Catalogs and magazines
Fill the silences between
The latest news or beauty tip
What works for wrinkles, hair and lips.

We share our joys and recipes
Our heartaches too
We’ve touched
On these…

But overall
The girls trip rings…
It Tis so Sweet to do nothing!