The Difference Between “A” and “THE”

The Proverbs say there is “a” way

that seems right to a man

but in the end

it leads to death and destruction

We toil and strive for wisdom and pleasure

yet joy often leaves us with the assumption

that we are in control of our own destiny

When we are young

we think we are invincible

But as the years go by

and family and friends begin to die

we see how man’s way confirms the Biblical

For the road to The Kingdom

has a Narrow Gate

and man’s way

only leads to death

But Jesus said, “I AM THE WAY”

so we must follow His path

to peace and rest

Assured in eternity

where His Love abounds

Where the lion

will sleep with the lamb

No one comes to the Father

except through Jesus

Yhwh…The Great I AM

Delete! Delete!


Your mind races and your thoughts scatter
Constantly changing, regardless of the matter

You can be happy and extremely upbeat
Yet your thoughts creep in at night and steal your sleep

It’s a battle raging on and on, day after day
Regardless of how hard you try… thoughts overwhelm you this way

The incessant chatter in your head
Will wear you out… turn your hope into dread

But Jesus knew the battle you would fight in your mind
So take up the Sword of the Spirit and you will find

The negative voices don’t have all that much to say
When you let the Holy Spirit lead you through each day!

You can stay in control of all that you think
Hanging on to all the good… the bad? Delete! Delete!

Erase the negative streaming videos
The junk of past day’s guilt

Because as Believers you know
That’s why Christ’s blood was spilt

To cleanse you from all the wrong that you’ve done
Saving you for His Kingdom… Holy Father, Spirit, Son!

So when your mind wanders to a channel on past sin
Don’t watch the reruns over and over again

Lift up your head, turn your face to the sky
And disregard scattered thoughts as they float across your mind

Stand firm in The Spirit and all of its strength
Clinging on to all the good! The bad? Delete! Delete!

Summer Fun on Pickwick Lake

IMG_2671Weekend trips planned at the Lake
With family and friends we celebrate
Summer’s arrival and it couldn’t be hotter
We can’t wait to get in the water

Swim Trunks, bikinis, T-Shirts and tanks
Master Craft and Jetski motors crank
The sights and sounds of water sports
Skiing the ditch clad in board shorts

Barefootin’ early while the water’s slick as glass
Skiing behind The Islands while the late sleepers crash
Hook up after breakfast and wakeboard near the Dam
Tubin behind the Cobalt gettin’ body slammed

Coves brimming over with lots of personality
Dry Creek and Panther and Millon Dollar Zippy
Tie up side by side to houseboats, mega yachts and more
Or Idle near the WaterFall to watch cliff diving galore

The smell of grilled burgers fills the air
The lazy days of summer without a care
Music is thumping at every hotspot
Our Summer weekend ritual & we like it alot

Back at the villa, Sophie’s waitin’ at the door
She’s hoping for a cooler day so she can join once more
Plans for dinner are underway… are we grillin’ or goin’ out
No matter where we dine it tastes better without a doubt

At Pickwick Lake where everything is seasoned
With countless ways and tons of reasons
To hook back up here next weekend
No invitation needed

Cast Fear Aside

How many times
Have you missed
God’s blessings
Because of Fear?

Have you failed to express
Or exercise your FAITH
When confronted with a
Temptation or trial?

Remember Fear paralyzes, Fear destroys
Fear cheats, and Fear deprives

So when you are Fearful
Whatever the cause
Remember God’s blessings
And take time to Pause

For a moment
And meditate
Ask God for His word
When was the last time that you heard

Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for The Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

So cast Fear aside and
Get on with the show!

Twirling Skirt

Daddy am I lovely? Am I Captivating?
My twirling skirt
Goes round and round
And my heart is aching

To know if you think I’m pretty
Am I your princess? Your little kitten?
Daddy when you look at me
Is your heart now smitten?

Longing for your approval Daddy
A young girl needs to hear
Your words of love and high esteem
Resonating in her ears

But if your earthly Father never said
Precious words of affirmation
Don’t let your heart, in later years
Get lost in contemplation

Because God The Father
Of all little girls, made you lovely and captivating
Round and round in your twirling skirt
His open arms are waiting

To take your hand and walk with you
Or skip if you feel you must
For our Heavenly Father is the only one
To rely on and place your trust

But we acknowledge our Daddy’s
On this Father’s Day
Those who loved us and cherished us
And helped us along our way

To become the young women
God intended all along
Honoring our Father’s
Both on earth and on The Throne

Say So!

We went to the 5:30PM service this past Saturday night at our Church, so we slept in and watched The Joel Osteen Ministries out of Houston, TX on television, as we leisurely began our Sunday morning.

Joel is such a positive and encouraging minister and he speaks to my heart on many levels. I wanted to share with you Joel’s message from the sermon notes, because it is well worth repeating!

Speak favor into your own life every day and God will move in and through your life. When you change what you are saying about yourself, you will change what you are seeing as well!

Declare victory over your own life. Don’t talk about the way things are, talk about the way you want things to be!

Repeat these affirmations daily. Write them down, place them on your bathroom mirror and say:

I am blessed
I am prosperous
I am strong
I am healthy
I am talented
I am creative
I am confident
I am secure
I am disciplined
I am focused
I am attractive
I am well able
I have a good personality
I am well liked
God is placing the right people in my future. He is placing the right opportunities ahead of me. I will accomplish my dreams. I am overcoming every obstacle. 2015 will be my best year so far! God is showing me something new that is Bigger, Better and Greater than anything I’ve ever thought or imagined!



Joel 3:10 “Let the weakling say, I am strong.”

Hope In Him

I find inspiration for my writing everywhere. I find it in personal experiences, conversations with family and friends and I find it often in reading other people’s work.

I just visited a dear friends blog and read her latest post entitled “Trekking to Hope”. You can read her work at

This poem was inspired by her words.

“Hope In Him”
– Marie H. Fitts

Oh for eyes to see a future
That is not yet realized
A vision in the distance
Where clearly love transpires

Oh for patience to allow The Lord
To work it all out in His time

Until tomorrow rests in today
And I can clearly see my way
I will trust only in Jesus name
And put my Hope In Him

When troubles come and I can’t see
Beyond the road in front of me
When I am scared and all alone
A wayward heart without a home

I pray for faith just to believe
In promises made for you and me
Trusting not in what is seen
But put my Hope In Him

For solid faith in all He said
In all the words printed in red

For what is living without Hope
Of a brighter day to come
And what is faith without trusting
In our Savior’s Love

Until tomorrow rests in today
Until I clearly see my way
I will trust only in Jesus name
And put my Hope In Him

I Am Who I Am

The current Sermon Series at Hope Presbyterian Church in Cordova, TN by Senior Pastor Rufus Smith, is called
This poem was inspired by my sermon notes:

I Am The Mysterious One
I Am The Compassionate One
I Am The All Sufficient One
I Am The Transcended One
I Am The Redeeming One

When you are inadequate…I AM
When you are unworthy…I AM
Where you have failed…I AM

For I AM WHO I AM for whatever you are not
Yes I AM setting in motion this train of thought
I AM THE FORGIVING GOD for all who have lost their way
I AM THE LOVING GOD for all who can’t say…

I’ve honored you Father
With all of my life
I’ve kept your commands
I’ve done what you said, right

Though I was persecuted
Beaten and hung on a tree
I died for the guilty
So they too could be

Righteous and Holy
Blameless and Free
Equipped, Empowered and
Anointed through Me!

In my death on the Cross
It was You that I bought
For whatever you are not!