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We went to the 5:30PM service this past Saturday night at our Church, so we slept in and watched The Joel Osteen Ministries out of Houston, TX on television, as we leisurely began our Sunday morning.

Joel is such a positive and encouraging minister and he speaks to my heart on many levels. I wanted to share with you Joel’s message from the sermon notes, because it is well worth repeating!

Speak favor into your own life every day and God will move in and through your life. When you change what you are saying about yourself, you will change what you are seeing as well!

Declare victory over your own life. Don’t talk about the way things are, talk about the way you want things to be!

Repeat these affirmations daily. Write them down, place them on your bathroom mirror and say:

I am blessed
I am prosperous
I am strong
I am healthy
I am talented
I am creative
I am confident
I am secure
I am disciplined
I am focused
I am attractive
I am well able
I have a good personality
I am well liked
God is placing the right people in my future. He is placing the right opportunities ahead of me. I will accomplish my dreams. I am overcoming every obstacle. 2015 will be my best year so far! God is showing me something new that is Bigger, Better and Greater than anything I’ve ever thought or imagined!



Joel 3:10 “Let the weakling say, I am strong.”

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