All Is Well

When darkness lingers into the morning light
When Depression clouds any hope or sight
Of a better day that is yet to come
Feeling trapped like you’re the only one

Who has ever experienced this sad malaise
This melancholy onslaught…God how many more days
Will anxious thoughts and restless sleep
Steel your joy and make you weep

Adversity I’m told
Is when God is most near
So stop crying my child
And you will hear

His voice in the darkness
Calling out to you
His hand is outstretched…take it
He will see you through

The darkness will disappear
When you take His hand
Remember those were His
Footprints in the sand

Yes, He carried our failures
And all of our guilt
To the Cross at Golgotha
That’s why His blood was spilt

So when thoughts of worthlessness
Creep in and take control
Cling tight to Jesus, saying
“All is well with my soul”!

Author: Marie Fitts

Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Writer, Dog Lover, Grated in and Grateful, Child of the Most High God!

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