Boutique of Lies and Stolen Dreams

I went shopping yesterday and today I’ve considered the swirling thoughts racing through my mind, that try to desperately convince me…my personality is of Jekyll and Hyde. One apparently good soul on the side of the right, battles the inherent evil…putting up a good fight. But the incessant onslaught when given in to Satan’s spell, tells me “I’m a failure” if I purchase what he sells.

Once again he had me convinced of truth in the lies he told, assuring me with dust-like glitter and trunk-loads of tarnished gold. Just as I was about to purchase at the register with cash in hand, I’m reminded by sweet family and friends not to be impressed with his grandstand.

Because that’s how he works and schemes his way into our hearts and minds; hoping we will succumb to the treasure trove of junk he’s spit-polished and shined! He’s the master of his evil craft using window dressings and alluring displays. That junk is found in his Boutique of Lies and Stolen Dreams and there is a big sale every day!

So before you belly up to the bar to pay for those “sale items”…you thought? Remember that Jesus has already paid the price with His precious blood, he bought all of our failures, short-comings and even spoken regrets. He bought the guilt and the shame and carried the burden of all of our sin debt.

I’m still learning that all that glitters is not gold. No, it’s not always what it seems. And it is best not to browse through the junk on display from Satan’s Boutique of Lies and Stolen Dreams.

Author: Marie Fitts

Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Writer, Dog Lover, Grated in and Grateful, Child of the Most High God!

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