The Potter’s Wheel

The Potter molds both noble pieces
And those for common use
I’ve caught myself wondering why the common pieces
Would be used for such abuse

But who am I that I should EVER question
The Potter of the use of His clay?
Shall what is formed say to who formed it…
“Why did you make it that way?”

It is not for me to be concerned how
God will make His power known
What if He bore with great patience
“Throw-away” pieces from His Almighty Throne

What if He did this to make the riches of
His favor known to His nobility?
Those He prepared in advance for His glory
Yes, that’s you and me!

So forgive Your noble pieces Lord when we question and wonder
Why You would blame the common pieces that resist Your will?
It is written…”The Lord God will have mercy on whom He has mercy”
It’s not ours to question Your will

It’s not ours to ponder
Common pieces prepared for destruction
When You sat at
The Potter’s Wheel

So when our mind wanders to places and things
That might cause us to question or doubt
Help us to remember there are things from above

Romans 9:18-26 The Voice (VOICE)

18 So when and where God decides to show mercy is completely up to Him. Likewise, when He chooses to harden one’s heart, how can we argue?

19 I can hear one of you asking, “Then how can He blame us if He is the one in complete control? How can we do anything He has not chosen for us?” 20 Here’s my answer: Who are you, a mere human, to argue with God? If God takes the time to shape us from the dust, is it right to point a finger at Him and ask, “Why have You made me this way?” 21 Doesn’t the potter have the right to shape the clay in any way he chooses? Can’t he make one lump into an elegant vase, and another into a common jug? Absolutely. 22 Even though God desires to demonstrate His anger and to reveal His power, He has shown tremendous restraint toward those vessels of wrath that are doomed to be cracked and shattered. 23 And why is that? To make the wealth of His glory known to vessels of mercy that are prepared for great beauty. 24 These vessels of mercy include all of us. God has invited Jews and non-Jews, insiders and outsiders; it makes no difference. 25 The prophet Hosea says:

I will give a new name to those who are not My people; I’ll call them “My people,”
and to the one who has not been loved, I’ll rename her “beloved.”[a]
26 And it shall turn out that in the very place where it was said to them, “You are not My people,”
they will be called “children of the living God.”[b]

Rein In The Tongue

“He said…”, “She said…” …That’s what I heard
“God’s honest truth?”… “Yes, every word!”
I’d bet we’ve all fallen prey to the gossip game
Because the tongue is the most difficult beast to tame

So when you are tempted with juicy nuggets to dispel
Remember not every story is yours to tell
Think before you speak, put yourself in their place
Practicing what you’ve received through God’s grace

Idle gossip makes you judge, jury and executioner
But if facts aren’t true…shouldn’t you have acquitted her?
Keep a strong rein on your tongue and you’ll find
You can extinguish the flame of gossip every time

Let some of that junk go in one ear and out the other
Use your words only to lift up a brother
In reading my work, you might think I’m trying to preach
But God is using this gift – Yes, it’s “me” He’s trying to teach

But if they speak to your heart and I can bring you along
Steer you away from things I’ve done wrong
Then my purpose for writing these words is done
Teaching both of us how to rein in the tongue

Glorious Light

I walked through thickets along a dusty path
The way was not clear it was not meant to pass
But I continued down the broken road
The way more difficult as each cobblestone

Overturned yet another consequence
And the choices I made were my recompense
When I thought I knew best about what was good for “me”
The path that I took would soon let me see

That when I let go of The Father’s hand
That’s when I fell, I could no longer stand
I stumbled and fumbled my way down the path
That ended facing… my own Goliath

But The Lord never left me, He heard my cry
He gave me wings and taught me to fly
So that I could see clearly above adversity
That a path devoid of Jesus was not meant for me

The selfish desires that took me off course
Were not of God, but my own driving force
Letting Satan steer me down the broken road
Impaired my good judgement and it too did erode

Some of my choices were not the best
And each fork in the road presented another test
I took every wrong turn that came upon me
When you’re on Satan’s path there are no right turns…you see

So my advice to you as you go on your way
Do not deviate from the The Lord’s path or from what He has to say
Read His Word daily and paint it on your heart
So you’ll live through eternity, never apart

From The One who loved us
And gave up His life
So our future would be blessed
With His glorious light