Beauty For Ashes

Forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made
Drop the baggage of yesterday

Don’t relive negative memories
Guard your mind, so you can see

That you have to let go of the old in order to receive the new
“Beauty for Ashes” The Spirit of The Lord says, He has promised you

Lay down bitterness, disappointments and regrets of the past
Don’t replay negative thoughts in your mind

You’ll never get to where you’re going
If you’re always looking behind

Because your past can poison your future
Focus only on what you can change

You’ll have to let go of the ashes
To get God’s beauty in the exchange

Power Verse – Isaiah 61:3 (TLB)
“To all who mourn in Israel He will give; beauty for ashes; joy instead of mourning; praise instead of heaviness. For God has planted them like strong and graceful oaks for His own glory.”

Stepping Stones

Nothing randomly happens
God is always in control
Even when you don’t understand
It is meant for the good of your soul

Every setback, disappointment
Or adversity
Is a stepping stone to His favor
Open doors and Prosperity

You are armed with strength
For every single battle
Covered in His grace
There is no need to grapple

Every disappointment is not meant to defeat you
Every setback not from the enemy
In dry seasons, The Father is leading you
To the place of peace, where He wants you to be

So don’t stay focused on stepping-stones
They’re just a resting place
Not meant for you to stay there
But lead to the fullness of His grace

So trust Him even when you don’t understand
It’s all meant for the good of your soul
Great joy, great health, great peace and abundance
Are yours when you come to know

The Savior, King Jesus
The Holy Messiah
And as your
Relationship grows

Step out in Faith
Share His Mercy
And Grace
With everyone that you know


Why do the same things
Keep happening to me
Is there a lesson to be learned
That I continually fail to see

Insanity is doing the same thing
Expecting a different result
Something you might expect from a child
But not after you’ve become an adult

Are these happenings the result
Of my own insane acts
Or jumping the gun with comments
Wishing later I could retract

I desperately want to get off
This insane Merry-Go-Round
That has my actions shackled
And my words bound

To a broken record
An endless Ground Hog Day
Repetition over and again
Lord, take this insanity away

Keep me from wasting time
Rounding this mount
Like the Israelites did

Of this generational demon’s
Tight hold on me
Clouding my good judgement
Making it difficult to see

That continuing to do the same thing
Expecting a different result
Has been the insane hold
On this worn out adult

So today I commit to changes
Making judgements sound
To get off this maddening

Changing my attitude, my actions
My comments and then…
Get up the next day
And do it over and again

Make A New Best Friend

I’ve never really been a “mean girl”
I always wanted to be a friend
Times I made snide, caddy remarks
I actually felt bad when I did

I think it’s a middle child syndrome
Wanting to… “get along”
I learned to share and learned to play fair
But not with fire and brimstone

But I’ve known some girls
Who were total…”witches”
Backstabbing, conniving
Just down right…”vicious”!

And jealousy usually had
A big part to play
When the “mean girls”
Treated the “sweet girls” this way

And some of the time, the “meanies”
Were the most gorgeous girls
Leaving the “sweeties” to wonder
What made the cat claws unfurl?

But insecurity can strike
Even the most beautiful face
Reducing some girls to actions
That are a downright disgrace

To our gender… The Female
Such a glorious being
So let’s double check our actions
So others won’t be seeing

Any “sister”
In a tainted light
Put yourself on the receiving end
Don’t act out of spite

Lift each other up,
Be kind… be a friend
Because you can never have too many
So stop trying to offend

Because it’s NOT becoming, and it’s NOT pretty
Hey, why not start a new trend?
Offer up a dazzling smile
And make a new best friend!

The One True Vine

Not born of the root
Of the Jewish vine
Israeli descent
Not in my bloodline

Just a Gentile
Who received the Christian faith
Grafted into the Jewish vine
Though NOT by mistake

God’s plan was set in motion
In the beginning of time
The Gospel given to the Gentiles
When His Jewish people declined

It was His plan, His purpose
For us to share The Good News
With our Jewish brothers and sisters
To try to change their views

Of JESUS… who they call a prophet
Just a wise man
And we must help them understand

So speak boldly your Christian faith
To all who will listen
We were grafted into the Jewish vine
There should be no dissension

Israel, is the first love
The apple of God’s eye
He wants none of His people to perish
No, NOT one to die

Without the saving grace
The King of Kings, Lord of Lords
Offers “All” eternal life

But, you must request it
And yes, His grace is free
Paid with His blood
At Calvary

So don’t be shy
Go on…raise your hand
He will call on you
And at your command

Give you saving grace
From His Royal Bloodline
Grafting you in
To the one true vine

The Doors

This piece was inspired by my dear friend, Jennifer Swoish.
Jen is a writer and blogger at but more than that, she is a prayer warrior. She has prayed some of the sweetest prayers over me and my family and I am blessed to have her in my life.

Please close the doors Lord, that are distracting me
Presenting themselves as opportunities
Because they steal my attention and focused gaze
Away from Your plan…leaving me in a haze

Clouded with decisions I don’t need to make
Revealing over time…it was no lucky break
But open wide the doors and invite me in
Where I can visit with You, Lord, time and again

Where the people I meet will move me along
To publish that book of devotional poems
Bind Satan and his minions from attacking my mind
So I can write Your truths and help others find

The doors You’ve opened along their way
Closing doors that would only cause a delay
And if doors are locked and without a key
But within Your will Lord, allow us entry

If locked doors are not part
Of your Master Plan
Open a window, Lord
To safe, dry land

Accepting His Mercy and Grace

How can I forgive myself
For all the wrong I’ve done
For cruel, hateful, selfish actions
That didn’t bless anyone

How can I look in the mirror
And see past the grief of my own mistakes
Because the unkind acts of others don’t hurt
Like the burden of my own disgrace

But like the jet-stream of an airplane
That dissipates in the sunshine
God has erased the dirty sins of my past
That I held tightly…calling them mine

He sent His son into the world
For people just like me
Washing our dirty, filthy, stains with His blood
Hanging from a tree

So there is no more reason to harbor
The guilt of past days sin
Lay it down for good
Never to pick it back up again

Harboring guilt from what has already been forgiven
Is not what The Lord wants from us
But acceptance of His mercy and grace
Yes, that makes us victorious!

Gifts From Above


Thank You Lord for my Family
I am so blessed
Parents that love me
Siblings too… yes!

A sweet, caring Husband
He is my best friend
Thank You Lord always
Again and again

Though I had no children
Raised in my home
A decision that I made
All on my own

You gave me a step-son
And I was able to see
What a good Mother
You’d make out of me

So thankful for family
All precious to me
My heart overflowing
How can it be

You’d bless such a sinner
With so much love
Praising my Savior
For gifts from above