The One True Vine

Not born of the root
Of the Jewish vine
Israeli descent
Not in my bloodline

Just a Gentile
Who received the Christian faith
Grafted into the Jewish vine
Though NOT by mistake

God’s plan was set in motion
In the beginning of time
The Gospel given to the Gentiles
When His Jewish people declined

It was His plan, His purpose
For us to share The Good News
With our Jewish brothers and sisters
To try to change their views

Of JESUS… who they call a prophet
Just a wise man
And we must help them understand

So speak boldly your Christian faith
To all who will listen
We were grafted into the Jewish vine
There should be no dissension

Israel, is the first love
The apple of God’s eye
He wants none of His people to perish
No, NOT one to die

Without the saving grace
The King of Kings, Lord of Lords
Offers “All” eternal life

But, you must request it
And yes, His grace is free
Paid with His blood
At Calvary

So don’t be shy
Go on…raise your hand
He will call on you
And at your command

Give you saving grace
From His Royal Bloodline
Grafting you in
To the one true vine

The Doors

This piece was inspired by my dear friend, Jennifer Swoish.
Jen is a writer and blogger at but more than that, she is a prayer warrior. She has prayed some of the sweetest prayers over me and my family and I am blessed to have her in my life.

Please close the doors Lord, that are distracting me
Presenting themselves as opportunities
Because they steal my attention and focused gaze
Away from Your plan…leaving me in a haze

Clouded with decisions I don’t need to make
Revealing over time…it was no lucky break
But open wide the doors and invite me in
Where I can visit with You, Lord, time and again

Where the people I meet will move me along
To publish that book of devotional poems
Bind Satan and his minions from attacking my mind
So I can write Your truths and help others find

The doors You’ve opened along their way
Closing doors that would only cause a delay
And if doors are locked and without a key
But within Your will Lord, allow us entry

If locked doors are not part
Of your Master Plan
Open a window, Lord
To safe, dry land