Make A New Best Friend

I’ve never really been a “mean girl”
I always wanted to be a friend
Times I made snide, caddy remarks
I actually felt bad when I did

I think it’s a middle child syndrome
Wanting to… “get along”
I learned to share and learned to play fair
But not with fire and brimstone

But I’ve known some girls
Who were total…”witches”
Backstabbing, conniving
Just down right…”vicious”!

And jealousy usually had
A big part to play
When the “mean girls”
Treated the “sweet girls” this way

And some of the time, the “meanies”
Were the most gorgeous girls
Leaving the “sweeties” to wonder
What made the cat claws unfurl?

But insecurity can strike
Even the most beautiful face
Reducing some girls to actions
That are a downright disgrace

To our gender… The Female
Such a glorious being
So let’s double check our actions
So others won’t be seeing

Any “sister”
In a tainted light
Put yourself on the receiving end
Don’t act out of spite

Lift each other up,
Be kind… be a friend
Because you can never have too many
So stop trying to offend

Because it’s NOT becoming, and it’s NOT pretty
Hey, why not start a new trend?
Offer up a dazzling smile
And make a new best friend!

Author: Marie Fitts

Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Writer, Dog Lover, Grated in and Grateful, Child of the Most High God!

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