Stepping Stones

Nothing randomly happens
God is always in control
Even when you don’t understand
It is meant for the good of your soul

Every setback, disappointment
Or adversity
Is a stepping stone to His favor
Open doors and Prosperity

You are armed with strength
For every single battle
Covered in His grace
There is no need to grapple

Every disappointment is not meant to defeat you
Every setback not from the enemy
In dry seasons, The Father is leading you
To the place of peace, where He wants you to be

So don’t stay focused on stepping-stones
They’re just a resting place
Not meant for you to stay there
But lead to the fullness of His grace

So trust Him even when you don’t understand
It’s all meant for the good of your soul
Great joy, great health, great peace and abundance
Are yours when you come to know

The Savior, King Jesus
The Holy Messiah
And as your
Relationship grows

Step out in Faith
Share His Mercy
And Grace
With everyone that you know