Faith With Expectancy

Release your faith with expectancy
Get in the right frame of mind
Honor God with your life
And His Blessings will override

Any doubt… or thoughts of defeat
Because He is moved more by our faith
And where would we be…had we not believed
We could reap of His Goodness and Grace

You know God has surprises in store for those
Who stay in control of their mind
And He will make things happen…all in “Due Season”
Yes… all in “His Perfect Good Time”

So don’t lose expectancy or settle where you are
The best part of your life…is to come
You must believe… so you can receive

Yes, Jesus is concerned about all of our needs
But He is moved more by our faith
Bring every thought captive into His Presence
Anxiety shrinks… shrivels away


To untangle confusion
Unmask judgmental thoughts
In His unconditional love

He will guard and keep us
in constant peace
When we

Where random, unworthy, unsettling thoughts
Are replaced with FAITH, HOPE and LOVE
Releasing your faith with expectancy
Sends an Olive Branch in from THE DOVE!

I Trust You Anyway

When the storms of life roll in
When I cannot find a friend
Help me to remember then
To Trust You Anyway

When the nights are long and cold
When sleep won’t come, I’m all alone
I sing Your praises loud and bold
I Trust You Anyway

All the times down on my knees
Your love surrounds and sets me free
From sin and darkness…no need to plead
I Trust You Anyway

Every time that I’ve been broken
For the times I’ve been ashamed
When my world comes crashing down
I Trust You Anyway

In the morning when I rise
Help me see through loving eyes
Even if caught by surprise
I Trust You Anyway

You planned my days so long ago
To sew your seed and make it grow
Poetic justice… I claim it’s so
I Trust You Still Today

Verse and rhyme can help the blind to see
Life lessons You’ve taught to me
But even if they disagree
I Trust You Anyway

You are The One who knows my heart
A deep longing for You… I strive to impart
To friends and family when the doubting starts
To Trust You Anyway

Believe To Receive

Help me Lord Jesus to believe in my mind
What I already know in my heart
And to stop giving in to Satan’s attempts
To separate and keep me apart

From You Lord, You love me and gave Your life for me
Dying for all of my sins
So I would not have to battle Satan’s wicked schemes
By myself, ever again

Because Satan bombards our mind and our judgement
Making us doubt what we already know
He is extremely convincing, making us believe
That his wicked lies are actually so

But we must never forget The Omniscient One
Offers us complete control over our mind
Renewing thoughts and emotions, if we only Trust Him
Keeping our actions from sinful decline

Remember there is no need to harbor “Worry” or “Guilt”
Those thoughts have long been washed away
Cling tightly to The Father’s hand
And He will guide you so you can say…

“I claim my heart knowledge, for my head
There is no longer doubt in my mind
My mind will receive it,’cause my heart believes it
Yes, this gift…His precious gift is mine”

Invaluable Not Invisible

Be happy for the people
That pass you by
Because you are NOT invisible
In God’s eye’s

Play your role
Even when it’s not the lead
Pushing others forward
Moves you toward your destiny

Appreciate God’s Grace
In the lives of others
Don’t try to compete
Or be jealous of one another

Accept your role
Be content where you are
God sees what you are doing
That is invaluable by far

And above, over what you think
You are NOT invisible
You are NOT a
Weak link

So be happy for those
Who may rise higher than you
Help them to shine and
You’ll find security too

In who you are
Who God made You to be
Invaluable NOT invisible
In the grand scheme of things

Serve others in the background
Where there is no limelight
Use your gifts to promote another
Strive to do what is right

And you will find you’ll be content
In the role you play
You’ll be Invaluable NOT Invisible
Learning along the way

To be happy for those
Who rise higher than you
As you carry them faithfully
In whatever you do

God blessing them
Doesn’t mean He can’t bless you
You are Invaluable NOT Invisible
Yes, God sees You!

Cloud of Praise

When praises go up
God rains down
Blessings, provision and favor
Are found

Thankfulness, praise
And gratitude
Make a well-watered garden
Out of you

Whenever you’re stuck
In a dry spell
Praising God for His goodness
Will fill your well

If there is no praise
Inside your cloud
Only a sprinkle or mist
Will come down

But if you want a downpour
You have to send up praise
In every circumstance
To receive God’s rain

Don’t get stuck in a drought, sow seeds of praise
Be thankful to God
And He will
Pour down the rain

Abundant praise
Brings abundant rain
Keep your downpour up
Fill your cloud with praise

Covered By Mercy

Today’s post was inspired by reading from the book of
Titus 3:1-15 (NIV)

Even when we are disobedient and make mistakes
We are covered by God’s Compassion, Mercy and Grace

When the kindness and love of our Savior was bestowed
He saved us through His indwelling Holy Spirit so

That having been justified by His Benevolent Grace
We would become His Heirs

To an Eternity
Spent in a much better place

So we must devote ourselves
To doing what is right and good

Avoid foolish controversy
And quarrels like we should

God’s calling is irrevocable
So we must do what it takes

Living productive lives
Covered by His Mercy and Grace

My Presence

Like many of you, I read Sarah Young’s Daily Devotional book entitled, “JESUS CALLING”. This post was inspired by today’s devotion and the scripture reading from Psalm 31:19-20 (NIV).

Hide in the secret of My Presence
As you go about your day
I am with you and within you
My Spirit will open up the way

For all those who abide in me
Will find a confident peace
A place of refuge from the storm
Their burdens will be eased

In the shelter of My Presence
I will keep you free from harm
In the blanket of My Presence
I will keep you safe and warm

I turn My ear to those who seek Me
You will surely see My Face
In the glory of My Presence
I will be your hiding place

From all who conspire and plot against you
Their schemes will fail… their bones grow weak
Blessed is the man in whose
Spirit is found no deceit

In My Presence you will find protection
I will surround you with deliverance songs
I will teach, instruct and guide you
So your path will not go wrong

For the words I speak are right and just
I am faithful in all that I do
Let Me cover you in My Presence
And I will always watch over you