A Powerful Plan

There is a powerful plan of Salvation
A prepared place for us to go

Where everything that we long for
Upon us will be bestowed

We’ll receive a personal escort
Into the Heavens on that day

When Jesus Christ returns for His Church
And all Believer’s sorrow is washed away

Yes, Our Lord is entirely majestic
He is able to do all things

And we will live in perpetual fellowship
In the shelter of His wings

Sons of Light

We do not belong to the night
We are all sons of the day
We do not belong in the darkness
We follow Jesus… who is The Way (1 Thessalonians 5:4 (NIV))

The Truth and the Life (John 14:6)
For The Lord is our lamp (2 Samuel 22:29)
And turns darkness into light
Yes those who follow Jesus

Will never
Walk in darkness
But will have
The light of life

Our God will guard the feet
Of His faithful servants (1 Samuel 2:9 (NIV))
But the wicked will
Be silenced in the dark

So be careful to do
What The Lord God has said
Do not turn aside (Deuteronomy 5:32 (NIV))
To the right or to the left

Walk in obedience
To all The Lord God commands
So that you may live and proper
In the land that you possess (Deuteronomy 5:33 (NIV))

About times and dates (1 Thessalonians 5:1 (NIV))
We do not know
The Lord will come
Like a thief in the night

But you my brothers and sisters (1 Thessalonians 5:4-5 (NIV))
Are not in darkness
No, You are all
Sons of the Light

Feelings of Inadequacy

Today’s post was inspired by the Sermon Notes of Dr. Charles Stanley, entitled: Those Feelings of Inadequacy
(In Touch Ministries, Intouch.org)

I can relate to those feelings of inadequacy
Because they have been hanging around and bothering me
Most all of my adult life they’ve been in the way
Of the confidence I carried in my younger days

Because I used to believe I could conquer the world
There was no goal I couldn’t reach in my dreams as a young girl.
But I became consumed with what “other people think”. And the confidence I once had, began to shrink. I critiqued my every move, because they were watching me and I gave into those feelings of inadequacy.

They were telling me things like “You’ll never measure up!” The path I’d envisioned became rocky and rough. A faint whisper said “Your family is from the wrong side of the tracks, with no Ivy League education or Trust Fund in tact!”

The boss’s comment: “We’ve hired way too many rednecks, we need someone more polished!”

And In retrospect, I believed his condemning words were really pointed at me, mocking the humble beginnings of my Family Tree.
Yet even Gideon’s humble beginnings made him doubt his ability, though anointed by God to deliver Israel from her enemies. And Jeremiah was called by God to be a Prophet, yet he claimed he didn’t know how to speak. And Moses lack of eloquence was an obstacle when God called him to go before Pharaoh to speak.

And I too had allowed my feelings of inadequacy, to shape my thoughts and make me believe, that I could never become that girl I dreamed I’d be.

Because I doubted God’s promise to finish what He called me to do. And that He’d given His Holy Spirit to see me through.I felt defeated with every failure and praise didn’t lift me up. A poor self-image from comparison to others were the feelings that filled my cup.

But when we let insecurities rule over our lives, there will always be something missing. We won’t be able to sense The Lord’s almighty power… or the fullness of His blessing. Because The Lord isn’t looking for people who measure up to His calling. He is looking for souls just like you and me. And He will use us in our weakness, and dispel those feelings of inadequacy.

So remember, God’s calling is irrevocable. Condemning voices do not have a say. When you keep your tent pitched in the land of Hope, those feelings of inadequacy will go away.


Lord I long
To see Your Majesty
When You come back
To earth in Grace

I long to see
The wonders of Your Glory
I long to meet
You face to face

I long to see the Heavens
Open up in splendor
Thunderous clouds
Unveil dazzling light

When Glory reveals
Its Majesty
To the sons of darkness
And of the night

For those who
Live in darkness and
Turned away from
The Savior’s Love

Will see Glory on
The captives in His train
When His Spirit descends
On believers like a dove

The dead in Christ
Will rise first from the earth
Dry bones lifted from the grave
With great care

And then all those
Who’ve died to self…will rise
And meet the Lord Jesus
In the air

Can you imagine
This heavenly army?
Every Generation
Of Believer…in tow

Standing firm on The Rock
The Lord Jesus
As Angelic Trumpeters
Begin to blow

Their mighty horns
Call the world to battle
Darkness then will
Bow down to The Light

Children who never feared
The Lord God Almighty
Will know
The true meaning of Fright

With one breath Christ defeats
The lawless one’s army
All wrongs are instantly
Made right

For our days have already
Been ordained
By The Lord God
Who gave us life

He gave His word
To all who would believe
And free will
To choose Him…if we like

So I share my faith
Of the God I believe in
Introducing those who may not
Know His name

I pray that those
Who have forsaken Him
Be given a second chance
To do the same

So they too will
Understand this longing
I feel deep
Inside my heart

And they will rise
With us
In His Glory
And never be apart

From the Saving Grace
Of Jesus
His unconditional love
On believers bestowed

I pray this longing
In every hardened heart
I pray the Lord Jesus they soon
Come to know

And that all would turn
From sin and repent
For He wants none to perish
In the Lake of Fire

But to live eternity
In His Presence and
For this to be their
Only longing and desire

“Unpunished” and “Imprisoned” Sin


You are not forgotten
Though you live enchained
For sinful deeds committed
Christ still loves you just the same

As He loves those of us “on the outside”
Some have done far worse… that’s true
Committing what should have been punishable deeds
Yet, are allowed to walk freely through

This Life…

While you sit inside a cell
Why the punishment doesn’t
Fit every sin?
Is not for me to tell

But I do believe a life confined
Allows time for contemplation
That God’s “chosen”… may not have ever used
Were it not for the incarceration

God has a plan for each of us
The ones He’s called, ones He foreknew
“Who are The Called” …some may ask?
I believe, “It’s Me and You!”

What a great opportunity
To use confined time
To paint God’s word
On your heart

Ask The Holy Spirit
To reveal His “knowledge”
Ask for His “wisdom”
As you read to impart…

The Gospel

To those around you
Who are thirsty
To the souls who are
Dry and parched

God can use you even
In confinement
For we each play a

Your role is not forgotten
You’re not just an “extra” to the scene
He forgives “ALL” who repent
Filthy hearts… He washes clean

For “ALL” have sinned
Falling short of His glory
We’ve trampled over the
Commandments He sent

None are worthy
To stand beside Him
Or to be allowed
In His Holy presence

This sinner was compelled
By His Spirit
To pray for you
Time and again

Knowing Jesus
Loves “Unconditionally”
He died for
“Unpunished” and “Imprisoned” Sin

A Dynamic Servant of God

Motivate a change in my attitude
From fear to unlimited faith
As I remind myself that I serve a Great God
Help me to know that it takes

Me thinking like a Dynamic Servant of God
Because I am exactly what I think
And I will not conform to this fallen world
That stands ever close to the brink

Of Destruction…

So I will turn my ears
To His words of Knowledge
Apply my heart
To His every instruction

To the voice of God
My thoughts are be active and open
God did not call me
To a life of destruction

For I can do all things
Through Christ who strengthens me
Just like
His apostle Paul

Proving His good, perfect and pleasing will
Works in me and
I will not

(GPS) Grotesque Passenger Satan

Obedience is not
An occasional event
It should be
The driving force in our life

And believer’s too struggle
With this task
Often taking a turn
That’s not… right

Just like Paul…
What I “will to do”
Is NOT the thing
That I do

And more of what
I “will NOT to do”
Is the thing that
I allow to come true

Because the flesh is weak
Our sinful nature yields
To Satan
Letting him take control

Of our character
Our conduct
Our conversations and contemplations
Lord, this is really getting old!

Please bind
The “Accuser of the Brethren”
From my thoughts
Get this (GPS) out of my car

Because he collides with my mind
Especially when I drive
To any distance
Near or far

A Back Seat Driver
Taunting me
With directions

For the
Next hairpin turn
He thinks
I should take

And I know all too well
If I exit now
It will be yet another

Because the roads Satan travels
Are treacherous
He’ll take you on a
Sinful decline

And you won’t have what it takes
When he won’t let you break
To stop his barrage
On your mind

So we must yield the right of way
To The Lord
Let Him ride in the
Passenger Seat

And we’ll be equipped
For every trip with
The Power of the
Holy Spirit’s fleet

Yes only Jesus can unplug
This controlling (GPS)
The “mayhem” that tries to
Steer me off course

So let me hear
The tires squeal
Jesus please
Take the wheel

Hit the breaks!
Throw this (GPS)
Out of my car!

Crossing Over

I believe when our hearts stop beating
Our soul then becomes alive

And the soul will live forever
When we cross over to the other side

I believe too our faith in Jesus
While we are on this earth

Will be the catalyst that bridges the gap for us
Into Heaven…from this earth

I believe our souls will take on new form
A new body in the likeness of His Spirit

Dry bones will rise up from the grave
In the likeness of His appearance

I believe Christ is preparing a place for us
Because He told the apostles “so”

And when our hearts stop beating I trust
This is the place where believers will go

So I look forward to that day when my Jesus returns
And I’ll see him face to face

And I’ll be given a brand new name
And live throughout eternity…at His place

Yes I believe when our hearts stop beating
Our souls then become alive

And my soul will live forever with Jesus
When I cross over to the other side

Soul Winning

Today’s post was inspired by one of the devotions in “Jesus Calling” by Sara Young. I call it “Soul Winning”…

Do not resist or run from troubles
Problems are not random mistakes

They are hand tailored blessings
Designed for your benefit

To help you grow in
His Mercy and Grace

Embrace all the circumstances
God allows in your life

Trusting He will bring
The good from it all

View problems as opportunities
To rely more fully on God

Troubles will
Equip you for the call

God says: “When you start to feel stressed
Let those feelings alert you of your need to rely more fully on
Me”. “Your needs become doorways to deeper dependence and increases our intimacy”.

Self-sufficiency is acclaimed in a fallen world
But reliance on God produces abundant living

Thank Him not only for the good in your life
But for every single thing He is giving

For every situation… every single circumstance
Was ordained by God in the beginning

It is all meant for the good of your soul
And to be used in your call of soul winning

So use what you learn from trials and troubles
To help others in the same situation

For we are “the called” according to His plan
Which is to bring EVERYONE into Salvation