Willful Intent

Verse For Today: Psalm 19:13 (NIV)
“Keep your servant also from willful sins; may they not rule over me.” ‘

Have you ever prayed and asked God for His help to overcome the sin in your life? Have you ever been prompted by The Holy Spirit, prior to your actions, and have shamefully committed the transgression, yet again…ignoring His nudging?

The term “Willful” is defined as having or showing a stubborn and determined intention to do as one wants, regardless of the consequences.

On headstrong days, we manage to block out our willful disobedience, as we relish in doing exactly what our sinful nature desires, with no regard for the consequences of our actions…at least for the moment!

Unfortunately, the acts of the sinful nature were not eradicated when we became Christians. Just like the Apostle Paul, although we want to do good, evil is right there with us!

If we are of The Spirit, guilt is always the unveiled reaction and we find ourselves asking The Lord for forgiveness, time and again. Why? Because, the flesh is weak and it is the sin that lives in each of us that continues to do what is evil. (Romans 7:14-21)

But, Christ graciously left His Holy Spirit, to live in us and free us from bondage to the flesh, so that we are not controlled by the sinful nature, but by The Spirit.(Romans 8:7-9).

Therefore, we are not addicted to sin. Even if we succumb to the sinful nature and ask forgiveness 70 X 7, The Holy Spirit’s prompting will grow stronger and louder as we come to know the true meaning of repentance.

But, repentance is more than just acknowledging our wrongdoings. It is a change of our heart and a renewing of our mind. Repentance includes turning away from sin and gives us a fresh look into the heart and character of Jesus, in our arduous search for forgiveness. Repentance is motivated by our love for God and our willful intent to obey His commandments.

What are your willful intentions for today?

Prayer For Today:

Lord God,
Help us to understand the true meaning of repentance and keep your servants from willful sins, so they will not rule over us. But instead… open our hearts and minds to the prompting of The Holy Spirit, so that our character, our conduct and our conversations, will always be pleasing in Your sight.
In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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