You must add tension
To the longbow string
Or the arrow will not shoot
Very Far

Adversity creates the tension needed
For God to propel you
From right where you are

What should take years
God can accelerate
In a fraction
Of the time

So we Praise You, Lord
Through adversity
Knowing you are turning our
Water into wine

Yes, Faith is the accelerant
That ignites the fire
Down deep within
The Believer’s heart

When we allow God’s plan
To be the tension for our arrows
We become a
Shooting star

He can promote
Without education
He can prosper
And it won’t cost a dime

He can heal
And restore so we can
Sew and reap
All at the same time

“For the day is coming
When the plowman overtakes the reaper
And the treader of grapes overtakes
The one who is called the seeder.” (Amos 9:13 (NIV))

So let not your heart be troubled (John 14:1 (NIV))
But… Trust
Let faith accelerate you
To the Finish line

Though not the end
But the place
We’ll abide
When eternity… begins

Entertaining Angels

Today’s post was inspired by the reading of God’s Word from the (NIV) New International Version of the Bible, from Chapter 13 of the book of Hebrews.

Hebrews 13:2 (NIV): “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.”

Are you somebody’s Angel
Or do you long to meet
A majestic, messenger of God
As you walk down the street

A hallowed, attending Spirit
Well-meaning and kind
That descends from the Heavens
And stands right alongside

A troubled soul… when they need it the most

With encouraging words
Or perhaps a monetary gift
Comes at just the right time
When you needed a lift

Their gentle, sweet, smile
Out of the blue
To comfort…

And you thought no one cared for you?

Sometimes these angels
Are people we know
They love us and pray for us
Yes, they too are sweet souls

But the encounters with strangers
Whom we’ve never met
The ones we happen upon
But won’t soon forget

How they materialized
With kindness we didn’t expect
When we thought God wasn’t listening
That’s when they stepped

Into our lives…

What a beautiful blessing
God not only heard our cries
He sent His Angels

The needs of His people…

These celestial beings are
Extremely delicate and light in a way that seems
Too perfect for this world

Yes, that’s right

When you come upon a stranger
Will you treat them
As such?

Or will you
Be the Angel
Their soul needs
So very much?


If you were being mislead
Wouldn’t you want to know
That the killing of so-called “infidels”
Won’t lead to where you think you’ll go

With an arsenal of weapons
You believe you are in the “right”
To stand against The Lord God of Israel
To draw your weapons and fight

For the illusive “utopia”
With young virgins awaiting
Offering sexual favors
So now you’re anticipating…


Do you really put faith
In a god who contemplates
The sexual desires
Of a radical caliphate?

And why do your leaders
Not strap bombs to their chest?
Because they’re counting on all those
They’ve cunningly mislead

Yes they are cowards, not leaders
Hiding behind your skirt
Then watching from afar
As you go up in smoke

Now that is definitely called
Not using your head
Allowing the one below your belt
To make your bed

But sleep
Will not be restful on the other side
No virgins await
Where you are going to reside

As for your burning desires
You’ll plead for them to stop
Giving a whole new meaning
To what you find sensually hot!

Your god calls you to hate
Mine calls from above
Even in the midst of your dastardly deeds
My God calls me to love…

You and others like you
Though you raise weapons
To kill me

My God tells me
To reach out to those
Who’ve been deceived
Who’ve been mislead…with the Love of Christ

So I share the love of Jesus
Only His grace will let anyone of us in
To Heaven…where the Angels sing
Only He can forgive all sin

And as iron sharpens iron
So one brother, sharpens another (Proverbs 27:17 (NIV))
And what God has called together
Let not man put asunder

For we are “ALL” God’s children
Even those who’ve been deceived
And Christians are called to witness to Islam
So they too…will believe


The One True God of Israel
Who’s love was and is universally spread
By His disciples down through every generation
So NOT one of us would be mislead


At times we are our own worst enemy
Snared in traps, not set for you or me
Yet everywhere we step, we seem to stumble upon
A minefield unearthed by things we’ve done wrong

What causes the earth to react to us this way
To the things we do or the things we say
Does our tone need a key change?
Do our actions present… the Love of Christ inside our hearts?

Or are our actions bent

On gaining the respect
Given freely each day
But to others around us
Who don’t come across this way

Do our actions stem from living
In times where some resent
Affirmations given to those
With money to be spent

And why do we care to have
Accolades from the earth?
When not a soul here knows the value
God sees in our worth

So, let’s relax, let down our guard
Step back and assess
How our own words and actions
Got us into this mess

Let’s change our tone, our body language
With what we try to convey
Tiptoe out of the minefield
Getting out of our own way