Overwhelmed and overloaded
The devil in me’s “F” bomb exploded over the most trivial of things
That have no worth in Heaven above or here on earth
Why do we let little irritations take over our control?
Spewing filthy language, allowing Satan a foothold to eat away our inheritance
One “biting” irritation at a time
And to strip us from the Holy Life, Children of God are so inclined
Now guilt springs forth, in shame she hangs her head
Over the filthy language this Jesus Girl said
How can she claim to be one of God’s very own
When she falls repeatedly into the traps, Satan has sewn
But then she humbles herself before God’s Throne
Asking for forgiveness praying, He won’t disown this Jesus Girl
Who struggles every minute to live a life where sin isn’t in it
Where peace and harmony can always be found
Everywhere you look God’s children are around
What then should we make of repeated sin?
Can we ask forgiveness time and time again?
He knew we would struggle
He knew we would fall again and again
That’s why He called this Jesus Girl and other’s like me
To share their faith walk for all people to see
That “perfection” is only found in God’s Son
Jesus alone lived the unblemished life
A life that we have won by putting our Faith in all Jesus did on the cross
Taking on every sin so we would not be lost
Yes, He knew we would struggle, He knew we would fail
So He offered His Grace, His mercy prevails over every sin…present, future or past
He took our punishment so we would not be cast into the Lake of Fire
Yes, He took all these imperfections
Anger, rage, frustration and disgust, repugnant behavior, so we must
Realize Jesus felt these emotions
But remained blameless from sin
He covered our inequities so we must commit to live
According to His Character, His Conduct and His Conversations
Even when we fall short we must strive to be a representation
Of the unconditional love Jesus extends through nail scarred hands
To all who will believe in Him, seeking to follow His commands

Author: Marie Fitts

Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Writer, Dog Lover, Grated in and Grateful, Child of the Most High God!

2 thoughts on “JESUS GIRL”

  1. Marie, you have touched my heart. Thank you for sharing and being my friend. Love you Girl!! Bonnie

    1. Hey sweet girl! So good to run into you here! I’m thankful for the Spiritual gift of creative writing that the Lord has given me, and I’m even more blessed when His Word, speaks to others through my journey. Keep the Faith! Love you! Marie

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