Designed to Love

Inspiration for today’s post comes from the reading of God’s word in the book of

Revelation 3:21 (NIV)
“I will let everyone who wins the victory sit with me on my throne.”

I know I was created to love You. The desire rules from deep within. I am drawn to study Your word, gaining wisdom, time and again.

I know my soul was designed to worship You…what an indescribable gift! Nothing in this world matters. It is for You alone I exist. My heart is stayed on You, Lord; though my mind often wanders free…teach me to renew my mind, Lord; keep my thoughts focused on Thee.

I know I was crafted to need You, to depend on You day and night. Show me the way forward…unveil, Lord, the good things You have planned for my life.

I was not meant to be self sufficient. My need for You is ingrained. The life blood in me is aligned, Lord; for right standing with You to sustain…protection from loss or destruction, safety from injury, danger or harm. My faith is grounded in You, Lord; a soul on fire is never lukewarm.

Nothing is more important than You, Lord. Apart from You I am forever alone. Designed to love and adore You, all victors win a seat on Your throne.

Get Me Out of My Own Way

Side tracked
Scatter brained
Unable to focus
Blurred lines remain
Seeking Your Kingdom
Thy will be done
In my life, Lord
Father, Spirit, Son
Show me the right path
Set my footing free
To follow You, Lord
Wherever You lead

You know my heart
The places where I struggle
Save me from myself, Lord
Keep me out of trouble
I tend to want vindication
When others do me wrong
But only You avenge, Lord
Getting even…is not my song
Teach me to forgive, Lord
To let go of yesterday’s trash
The feelings, emotions and actions
That bubble up like black gold from the past

Keep my mind honed on thoughts from above
Steer me through the storms of life…mooring solely on Your Love
Anchor my heart to the cross
Where You died to set me free
A greater love no man has shown
Like the “love” You’ve shown to me
I want to be worthy of the blood You shed
Long ago at Calvary
Get me out of my own way, Lord
So, You can have Thine Own Way in me

Mind Chatter

Ceaseless mind chatter
Perpetual mind games
Make it stop!
This tireless madness
Tell me, “who” is to blame
For the never-ending onslaught of
Negative thoughts that keep a soul occupied
Rolling the tape on the big screen
In the theater of your uncontrolled mind
Do you ever wonder what’s playing behind the curtain
Of auburn hair or hazel eyes
If you could envision the previews
You might be surprised to find
Every imperfect, living, breathing soul
Hears negative chatter with fervour
Scanning frequencies left and right
Sanity is tucked away in a drawer
Still the mind chatter, debris and the clutter
Interferes with faith’s radar screen
Filling the mind with disorder
On a confused multitude of things
So how do we gain back our “focus”
Align our thoughts with clarity
We must forever look to The Light
Through lenses of Jesus Christ’s purity
Sin creates the delusion
Fradulent darkness surrounds the mind’s eye
Mindful clutter intended to deceive
Its effect is unproductive… futile
Most chatter is negative and misleading
Inaccurate, distorted and untrue
Causing confusion, these misguided perceptions
Are adept at concealing the truth
We must remember, when thoughts seem scattered
Lacking orderly, organized, continuity
We must light up the cluttered darkness
With God’s truth…His truth will set your mind at ease
So do not listen to condemning voices
Speaking the guilt of yesterday’s past
Weary sinner
Lift your head
Live your faith