Letting Go

I’m giving up my need to hurt you, for hurting me
I’m willing to pardon, to cancel the debt
To wipe the slate clean

To excuse, to overlook, make allowances for your behavior
To surrender the urge to “get even”
I offer you a waiver

I choose to let it go and abandon this position
To surrender anger and frustration
To nullify my irritation

Of feelings and emotions, bubbling just below the surface
To let them go, even though I know
What you did to me…was on purpose!

In letting go I will Not THINK or TALK about the situation
Though your behavior and your words, caused much
Resentment and frustration

Instead, I choose to open up my fist, lay down negative emotions carried,
To dig a hole and cover them up
Just like they were buried

Never to be resurrected or brought to life again, by me
Because in letting go…I am the one
Who is finally set free!

Eternal Rest

Curious toddlers
Inquisitive youths
Impulsive young adults
Actions we can’t refute

Searching for validation
We needed confirmation to legitimize
Our character, our performance, our views
Critiqued by watchful eyes

Yet, never fulfilling our own expectations
Our mental picture of
The hopes and dreams
Our heart’s foreseen

Could we ever be worthy of …His Love

But friend, this life is not yet over
Our work here is not yet done
For there are still many who don’t know Christ
The father, The Spirit, The Son

Our purpose…

To save as many souls
As we can reach while on this earth
The only reason we are here
Is to manifest Jesus birth

We must provide evidence
Stand together as proof
Showing the world
By behavior and attitude

What is clearly apparent
Obvious to our minds
Why we believe in The Lord
And all that He designed

Validation in this life only comes
The blood of Jesus
Shed for everyone

We receive confirmation
Our souls will stand to the test
For we are justified through faith alone
Free from sin we will enter eternal rest

The Life Whisperer

We must not be deceived by negative voices or uncontrolled thoughts that get in the way of the life whispers of Jesus telling us to stay close and do not go astray

Without a doubt we are children of the Most High God, and yes we have all the clout of His namesake, His Kingdom, and triumph over the grave. Everything He did on the cross was so that we might all be saved

From the fiery pit of hades where evil and destruction will forever reside when our Lord Jesus comes to take us home to eternity on the other side

Of this fallen world where darkness thrives turning negative wayward thoughts into actions for the evil one who strives

For our allegiance, our honor, our service to meet his evil demands in spite of heaven Satan knows the true deception behind his plan

Attacking lost souls through uncontrolled thoughts his fiery arrows are one of a kind

Piercing the heart of the wayward soul he captures attention by controlling the mind

So, we must cling to Christ and His Holy Spirit to the end. The life whisperer’s voice of rushing waters will drown out Satan’s voice once for all men

Yes, we must stay anchored to the life whisperer let His Word penetrate our soul.

Stay focused on what the life whisperer says don’t allow the deceiver a foothold

Gain God’s promised eternity with never a thing to dread. An eternity of peace and love awaits those who believe all the life whisperer says.