Fill Us

Fill us with Your wisdom, Your knowledge
Let decernment be our Teacher
Open our minds to understanding
With empathy for all men and creatures

Fill us with Your loving kindness
Let us overlook each other’s wrongs
Open our hearts to forgiveness
Let right standing with You be our song

Help us to be Your Hands, Your feet
Let our testimony reclaim the lost
Knowing the price You paid for our sin
An unconditional love at great cost

Fill us with the desire to know You
Yearning to seek Your face
For our days here on earth are numbered
Fill us with Your mercy, Your grace

Let Your Spirit take over our being
We surrender our ways and renew our minds
Bind Satan and keep us from danger
Clear a path to transcend space and time

We praise You for the eternity waiting
A promise You gave with Your Word
Give us courage to speak the name Jesus
Until every last sinner has heard

The Word of The Lord God, our Savior
Trusting in His sovereign truth
His yoke is light, His burden is easy
An eternity in Heaven… our proof