If I am…

If I am heartless to the afflicted
If I can not empathize with their pain
If I am careless to their hurting
Tell me…In this life, what have I gained?

If I have it in my power to extend
God’s Grace, His Mercy and Love
But hold back these gifts, freely given to me
From The Lord God, up above

Then I am no better than the robber who steals
Demanding it is his right to claim
I am no better than the terrorist rejoicing
When inflicting pain

If I am apathetic to the cries of God’s people
If I close my ears to keep listening at bay
If I am callous toward other’s sufferings
If I close my eyes, not to see their dismay

Then I have become emotionally hardened
Insensitive, merciless to misery
As guilty as an accomplice in crime
For my complicity

But if I show compassion
A true understanding of a brother’s suffering and loss
I can stand in solidarity with Believer’s
Knowing that what Jesus did on The Cross

Was not just for those of us who Believe
Those who’ve surrendered their heart at all cost
But especially for the one’s being deceived
Especially for the soul that is lost

Therefore, if I am a true Believer
It must be my goal for every breath I breathe
To bring lost soul’s with me to meet Jesus
Living only for Him throughout eternity

Author: Marie Fitts

Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Writer, Dog Lover, Grated in and Grateful, Child of the Most High God!

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