“Breaking News”

Have you noticed the headlines lately
Every story is labeled “Breaking News”
Breaking our spirit, breaking our will
Breaking our hearts in two!

Turmoil and destruction
Are bold printed “Highlights”
Hate filled rhetoric is
“Live” on television too!

The threat of foreign war
Domestic tensions looming
What in the world
Is a sane person to do?

Everyone has an opinion
Most love to give it to you
But blinded eyes and blinded hearts
Keep us from “listening” too!

To another’s point of view
Trying to see things
From their perspective

Try walking a mile
In your neighbor’s shoes
Now, that “feat”
Would be a new directive!

We are all too focused
On getting our own point across
Leaving apathy
The resulting infective

Infecting our hearts
Infecting our minds
Our opinions
Are all too subjective

If we would only
Live out the Golden Rule
“Doing unto others
As you would have done unto You”

Our narrative would be
A much kinder tale
With empathy and understanding
On a much larger scale

Can you imagine the Headlines
The TV interviews
Without caustic comments
There’s no need to diffuse

The fireworks we’ve seen
On every news channel
Spewing from commentators
Frothing to report a new scandal