Immersed In His Word

Torn and tattered
Taped and tear-stained
Scripted margins
Bolded refrains

Highlighted and underscored
Yellow headings …Verses pink
Emphasized to remember
His words sink in deep

His commands flood the soul
Engulf the spirit within
Hold fast to His precious words
Read them over and over again

Know them well enough to recall the book… the chapter… the verse
Be enveloped
Completely swallowed up
Absorbed, submerged, immersed

In The Living Word
Written on every page
Words to which the redeemed heart clings
Words the saved soul will engage

In purposeful undertakings
Earnest and conscientious activities
The boldness to accomplish… so simple
Yet some will never perceive

That Faith…

Blind faith
Justification by faith… is all you need
Faith like a child, secure without question
Simple Faith… trusted belief

In everything He said
All He did at Calvary
Shedding His blood for all
If we would only believe

Keeping a heart that is open and willing
To breathe in the Savior’s love
Trusting in the promise of His Grace
His death and mercy… made us worthy of

So if you feel torn and tattered
Worn out like The Old Rugged Cross
Immerse yourself in the pages of His Word
Turning there….you will never be lost


Like sands through the hour-glass
Time with You slips through my fingers
I long to be near You
In this very moment
Learning Your truths
Memorizing Your face
Yet the responsibilities of the day beckon

“You’d better leave now…you’re going to be late!”

But the Spirit living in me desires nothing more
Than to sit quietly at Your feet
Adoring these priceless opportunities
Longing for more precious moments
In a room with no clock
In a world with only light
In the space to be fully immersed in Your love
In the quiet calm of serenity
Breathing in Your righteousness
My heart aches to know what You would say to me
If only I could stay here
In this very moment…


Until you have something good to say
Don’t say it!
Concerning a need to pray
Pray it!
Upon finding something good to give
Give it!
Since there is always a reason to live
Live it!
Without desires in your heart
You can’t share it!
Out of the change you could spare
Spare it!
Concerning dreams deep inside
Unearth it!
Despite feeling unworthy
You’re worth it!
When you think you’re undeserving
You deserve it!
It it means the world to you
Preserve it!
If you desperately need a friend
Be one!
If you are alone and depressed
Seek one!
When you are tired and confused
Sleep on it!
If your emotions rule
Weep on it!
When you hear gossip about anyone
Don’t repeat it!
If it’s all you have left
Don’t deplete it!
When the gossip is about you
Ignore it!
If you find it repugnant
Abhor it!
With knowledge gained from God’s word
Teach it!
With wisdom gained from God’s word
Preach it!
When your mind races
Control it!
When a loved one is sad
Console it!
If something needs attention
Address it!
When something needs to be said
Express it!
If you’re tired of quitting
Complete it!
When negative thoughts usher in
Defeat it!
When someone needs a blessing
Bless it!
To get the point across
I stress it!


Fill the courageous heart with Your sword
Fill the sick with Your healing Lord
Fill the lonely with a precious friend
Fill the servant with good deeds to the end
Fill the mourner with Your presence, Your peace
Fill the comforter with Your Words that speak
Fill the broken-hearted with Your love
Fill the message with Your glory…send on wings of a dove
Fill the thirsty with Your Living Water
Fill the admirable with Your honor
Fill the deserving with Your highest esteem
Fill the creative with sweet visions, sweet dreams
Fill the mind with wisdom and understanding
Fill the body to carry out Your call’s demanding
Fill the mouth with words worthy to be heard
Fill the tongue with speech to convey Your Word
Fill the unyielding, unforgiving soul…with the same tolerance and grace that Your Mercy has shown
As we extol the highest of Honor and Glory… to You Lord
Standing in harmony with Your people… living one accord


I don’t remember much from the early years
Mostly from pictures or what I was told
Memories are much more vivid and clear
When the heart is warm, when it hasn’t grown cold

I can see our front porch swing
I smell red bud blossoms in the air
Life was so much simpler then
Growing up without a care

I remember Sunday Dinners
Every weekend after Church
Around Grandma’s kitchen table
Our entire family would converge

Often discussing the Pastor’s sermon
And how it should impact our life
Learning from our elders as we passed round
The bread and butter knife

I recall too, the Pastor’s visits
But for us kids, the only thing at stake
Was hanging round the table long enough
To sample Aunt Rada’s Strawberry Jam Cake

My mind’s eye see’s clover blossoms
I look at the ground where my Mom stares
Then bending down to pick it up, she gasps
“A four-leaf clover…would you look-a-there”!

We played simple games, finding images in the clouds
Hide and seek, kick ball and jack rocks
But we got just as much entertainment out of
Sliding on the hardwood floor in socks!

Visions of Sambo and Buffy
Our Tabby and Calico spring into view
The scent of Pine that engulfed Grandma’s house
Was it the Christmas Tree…or did Sambo pee – ew!

We donned rain boots, slickers and rain hats
Splashing and stomping in the puddles when it rained
Yes, these simple things to you may sound boring
Or to some even quite insane

But we had family, we had friends
I remember saying “We’re rich”!
When Mom let the girls hang love beads
Over our bedroom door in ’76

There were also times of discipline
So we knew NOT to cross the line
And if we ever did we could expect
A firm spanking on our behind!

I remember building forts out of boxes
Making tents from sheets hung on the clothes-line
This was what we called “down-to-earth” fun
And it didn’t cost a dime!

I can taste the glue from pasting trading “green stamps”
As we helped Mommy fill stacks of S&H Books
Redeeming them for all kinds of neat things
Even clothes-pin hooks

Saturday’s with Dad
Were teamed round the family car
Washing, scrubbing, waxing and buffing—
He kept the cleanest vehicle by far

I see my sisters swinging in the front porch swing
Time spent their was all about the songs
We’d sing and swing for hours on end
For the love of music–not for the applause

I think back to High School days and Basketball
To Cheerleading camp and Football games
My enthusiasm for those sports
Has never quite been the same

I’m mindful of those who led more charmed lives
Of those growing up in poverty too
With Family dynamics that weren’t very good
Could just as easily have been me or you

So I’m thankful for the love of my family
Without ALL of you I couldn’t imagine this life
A life filled with joy and contentment
Without too much adversity or strife

I’m thankful too that we are all still together
We can still call on each other–day or night
We are still making fond memories to share
In a future that still looks very bright


Sometimes I feel so all alone
Not many friends to call on
Mostly me and the dogs at home
I’ve always tried to be a friend
But apparently, sometimes my ways offend
It doesn’t seem to matter what I do
It doesn’t matter what I say
I manage to rub a few specific people
Completely the wrong way
Though not intentional
Because that’s not who I am
Then I turn inward
Critiquing my every move
Searching desperately to be approved
Looking for someone…anyone
To say I’ve done well
And for me to feel comfortable in my own shell!
Have you ever felt like this? Or is it just me?
You know some folks are just NOT going to like you
Regardless of how kind you try to be
No…they will stab you in the back
For no reason other than to see
If they can stir up trouble
Gossip and whispers take up their time
And even if you try
You will never be aligned
With their little circle of snide, sarcastic friends
That clamor together like little red hens
Pecking and biting away at your every move
Looking down their nose at you
Because they disapprove
Of your hair color, or the length of your skirt
Or the style of your high-heeled shoes
Where you live
The car you drive
Or where you didn’t go to school
Now take a step back, do you really care
What some Dixie chick thinks about what you wear?
Because there are many lonely souls
Searching for a friend like you
You won’t have to put on heirs
No! You’ll be accepted just for being You!
So discard those un-approving voices
Drown out the gossip and whispers little hens tell
Because you are a child of The Most High God
Approved…In your own shell!


(For my dear friend, Lori K. Weir)

Sitting on the sidelines
Longing to play
Then that old voice tells you
You can’t get in the game

It’s too late now
Your time has passed
Screams back at the girl
In the looking-glass

But you know she’s got potential
She always has
But she’s allowed that old voice
To direct her path

Down a broken road
Where hopes and dreams
Never turn out
They’re not what they seemed

No! You have to be responsible
You can’t take a risk
That old voice rants in her head
Telling her such as this

But she has personality plus
Full of poise and grace
And she’s dying for the opportunity
To raise the stakes

To risk something…anything
Upon the result
Of an uncertain event
For her is NOT difficult

To throw caution to the wind
When she feels anxious inside
To follow her heart
Falling into a dive

Head First!

Into the deep
Where the waters are turbulent atop of the sea
But diving deeper, much deeper below the surface she finds
What is meant to be is also aligned

With the calling
The Lord God placed on her heart
To live her life
Teaching others to impart

Their Spiritual Gifts
As their talents come alive
When they let go of fear
Falling into a dive!


Raise ‘em up Lord
Raise ‘em up
Children who will glorify Your name

Open their eyes to Your Word, Lord
Your protection and guidance can be claimed
Taking Your light into the world…Salvation they will proclaim

We need warriors that will fight for You, Lord
By getting down on their knees
An army of believers that love You, Lord…their hearts sealed by Your decrees

Raise ‘em up Lord, Raise ‘em up
Not to compromise or cowar
But to depend on You every hour

Raise ‘em up Lord, Raise ‘em up
Children who will
Glorify Your name


You will never lose when you obey God’s voice
In the midst of every temptation
God will always provide a choice

An alternative, a way out, a pathway… away from sin
Do you have the courage to say “No”
So you won’t fall into sin again

Ask yourself…what is the source of this tempting offer?
What are the consequences of this act?
Will you have to lay down all of your convictions…turning fallacy into fact?

Does the temptation require of you, to be disobedient to God?
Will you need an army of angels to poke you or to prod?
Or do you have the courage to say “No”…if the act goes against things of God?

We must say “No” to temptation
Become more aware of our disobedience to God
The consequences are always costly…when you agree with a wink and a nod!

Sometimes we hesistate for fear of rejection
Losing a relationship, or opportunity loss
Don’t forget these are the “worldly things” Jesus triumphed over on the cross!

Remember Jesus left His Holy Spirit
To help us stand against temptation
Our greatest defense is to cry out to God…speaking to Him through prayer and meditation

Trusting Him for our deliverance
Of past sin and present sin too
And to ask Him for the courage to say “No”

I will… will you?


The lips of Wisdom speak what is true
All the words of her mouth are just
She calls out with understanding
Hers is a voice you can trust

To the discerning, all of her words are right
They are faultless to those who have knowledge
Choose her instruction instead of silver or gold
For Wisdom deserves honor and homage

Wisdom dwells together with Prudence
She knows how to avoid distress
She possesses knowledge and discretion
To help you choose what is best

Counsel and Judgement belong to Wisdom
She hates arrogance, perverse speech and pride
By Wisdom, Kings reign and Princes govern
Riches and Honor are by her side

Wisdom walks in the way of righteousness
Along straight paths that are just
Bestowing wealth on those who love her
Making treasures full, for all who trust

The Lord brought forth Wisdom, as the first of His great works
She was anointed before the world began
She was there when God set the Heavens in place
When there were no oceans or sand

Blessed are those who keep her ways
Listen to her instruction…do not ignore it
Blessed is the man who listens to Wisdom
When she calls, take heed…Wisdom implores it!