Living Life to the Full

The Infinite expresses His life through mine
Creating a vision, I cannot compare
Why am I here? What is my purpose?
I am His vessel, His gift given to share

How He speaks to me through inner promptings
Intuition and dreams, nudges and signs
In conversations with Him, when I commune,
I am the essence of Him…Uniquely defined

On a journey unfolding
New life He designs
Possibility and potential
When our hearts align

I connect, keep moving forward
Always toward the light
Manifesting a future,
Not found in my sights

Walking in this new design
Letting go of who I used to be
I embrace this unique journey
Of who God created me to be

Pain pushes
Until I allow His vision to pull
Walking with Jesus
Living life to the Full

Lead Me

Lead me O God
Into Your Heavens
Where Satan’s evil cannot trod
Lead me into Your paths of righteousness
Lead me in the faith by Your Staff… Your Rod
For they comfort me in times of weakness
Giving me Your strength, so that I can stand tall
Against every foe and minion of Satan
Against all evil Lord… do not let me fall

For You are my stronghold
My guardian over evil
You are the words
To ever praise filled song
Lead me O God
Into Your Heavens
Lead me where You, Lord
Will right every wrong

When my journey seems steep…rocky and rough
Lead me Lord, guide me, make my faith tough
Enough to stand against evildoers
Strong enough to subdue the most evil of all
Fake news, False prophets
Heralding “untrue stories”
Trying to trip me up…trying to make me fall

I once had great desires to become a journalist
Reporting the news of the day’s times and events
But You had different plans for this reporter…this author
To teach the “Good News” of The Gospel…to lead other’s to repent

For Your forgiveness allows mercy… Your forgiveness extends grace
So that my humble, earnest petitions in prayer
O God, My Father…You will hear and embrace

So, please lead me Lord Jesus into Your Heavens
Where the voice of many angels encircle Your throne
Praising and singing…
“Worthy is the Lamb who was slain,
to receive power and wealth and wisdom
and strength and honor and glory and praise”
All the day long!

If I am…

If I am heartless to the afflicted
If I can not empathize with their pain
If I am careless to their hurting
Tell me…In this life, what have I gained?

If I have it in my power to extend
God’s Grace, His Mercy and Love
But hold back these gifts, freely given to me
From The Lord God, up above

Then I am no better than the robber who steals
Demanding it is his right to claim
I am no better than the terrorist rejoicing
When inflicting pain

If I am apathetic to the cries of God’s people
If I close my ears to keep listening at bay
If I am callous toward other’s sufferings
If I close my eyes, not to see their dismay

Then I have become emotionally hardened
Insensitive, merciless to misery
As guilty as an accomplice in crime
For my complicity

But if I show compassion
A true understanding of a brother’s suffering and loss
I can stand in solidarity with Believer’s
Knowing that what Jesus did on The Cross

Was not just for those of us who Believe
Those who’ve surrendered their heart at all cost
But especially for the one’s being deceived
Especially for the soul that is lost

Therefore, if I am a true Believer
It must be my goal for every breath I breathe
To bring lost soul’s with me to meet Jesus
Living only for Him throughout eternity

Heaven “Scent”

Aah…the simplicity of rhyme
Weaving yarns that tell of time
Time spent alone with pen in hand
Waiting for His next command
To tell this story with much intent
To ensure the reader’s time well spent
Trailing each thought like a bloodhound
When searching out the true meaning
Enlightenment is found
In every word etched on the page
Therein lies meaning to engage
The heart the mind the body and soul
The depth of the Savior’s love unfolds
The truth behind His loving eyes
No longer veiled as in Moses’ disguise
The reader now is concentrating
The author’s point is captivating
Simple words used to gain the attention
Of the heart that beats
In full submission
To God, The Father, God, The Son
Through His Holy Spirit we have won
A mentor, advisor, confidant and friend
A personal trainer to the end
Of this mortal life here on earth
Our only reason to be given birth
To love The Father, love The Son
Who died on a tree for everyone
No, you can’t escape this story’s
Ultimate, true meaning
To say you have is just deceiving
For the heart, the body, mind and soul
The will of the author is under control
Of the greatest force, who invented time
For me to tell this story
Through verse and rhyme
Capturing the thoughtful curiosity
Of faithful readerS just like me
Who believe these simple words
For you, were meant
The sweet aroma of His love
Is Heaven “scent”

Sinners Like Me

It’s been said…
“Those who forget history are
Doomed to repeat it.”
But I choose to overlook my past
Disregard it intentionally…to leave it
Abandoned, alone and discarded
Letting go of the old
To embrace the new
Forgetting what is behind
I choose to move forward
Keeping only sweet memories
I bid the darkness …adieu!
Walking the path of forgiveness
I choose to receive His peace
And accept…
That what Jesus did on The Cross
He did specifically
For sinners like me

Fill Us

Fill us with Your wisdom, Your knowledge
Let decernment be our Teacher
Open our minds to understanding
With empathy for all men and creatures

Fill us with Your loving kindness
Let us overlook each other’s wrongs
Open our hearts to forgiveness
Let right standing with You be our song

Help us to be Your Hands, Your feet
Let our testimony reclaim the lost
Knowing the price You paid for our sin
An unconditional love at great cost

Fill us with the desire to know You
Yearning to seek Your face
For our days here on earth are numbered
Fill us with Your mercy, Your grace

Let Your Spirit take over our being
We surrender our ways and renew our minds
Bind Satan and keep us from danger
Clear a path to transcend space and time

We praise You for the eternity waiting
A promise You gave with Your Word
Give us courage to speak the name Jesus
Until every last sinner has heard

The Word of The Lord God, our Savior
Trusting in His sovereign truth
His yoke is light, His burden is easy
An eternity in Heaven… our proof

Call Me Friend

Will you leave this world
Just like you found it?
You know…
Life is only a chasing after the wind


Dying to self
To be born again

Toiling and striving
Every waking hour
Working and laboring
Until the day’s end

Do you search for knowledge
Discernment and wisdom?


Do you seek treasures of Kingdoms?
Gold dust in the wind


Life here on earth is
Right up to the end
If you don’t know The Savior
The Master, King Jesus

If you don’t know
His name
And He can’t call you

The Unveiled Heart

Today’s post is inspired by the reading of God’s word in 2 Corinthians 3:12-18 (NIV)

With unveiled faces
We reflect The Lord’s Glory
Only those in Christ
Have the veil removed
With unveiled hearts we are transformed
The resulting likeness to Him
His followers will prove
That we are being transformed
Even when we stumble
We are being transformed
When we trip and fall
His ever increasing Glory
Covers our sin debt
Paid in full on The Cross
Paid once
For all
Since we have such great hope
Our minds are sharpened
Because we believe
We will enter His rest
Where The Spirit of The Lord is
Is freedom
Freedom for all those
Who choose His Best
So, do not be downhearted
Do not be afraid
The unveiled resemblance
Of His likeness is stayed
On all who believe
That Christ is our Savior
On all who believe
In the words that He said
Written in His blood
On the unveiled hearts
Of every sheep willing
To surrender and be led


* Inspired by the August 1, reading of Sarah Young’s devotional book entitled, “Jesus Always”.

-Marie H. Fitts

You are treasured and significant
You are forever loved
Delight in the wondrous truth
Nothing can separate you from My love

Encounter My loving presence
Sing songs of joy and be glad
Your name is written in The Lamb’s book of life
What an astonishing priviledge you have

To connect with Me each morning
Setting the tone for the rest of the day
Delight in the wondrous truth
Stay connected with me and pray

For I am The Alpha and The Omega
First and Last, Beginning and End
I am the Root and the Offspring of David Yes, I am coming again

To receive You unto Myself, forever
On that glorious day
Taking captives under My wing
Yes, I return to take you away

For You are treasured and significant
You are dearly loved
Delight in the wondrous truth
Nothing can separate You from My Love

Letting Go

I’m giving up my need to hurt you, for hurting me
I’m willing to pardon, to cancel the debt
To wipe the slate clean

To excuse, to overlook, make allowances for your behavior
To surrender the urge to “get even”
I offer you a waiver

I choose to let it go and abandon this position
To surrender anger and frustration
To nullify my irritation

Of feelings and emotions, bubbling just below the surface
To let them go, even though I know
What you did to me…was on purpose!

In letting go I will Not THINK or TALK about the situation
Though your behavior and your words, caused much
Resentment and frustration

Instead, I choose to open up my fist, lay down negative emotions carried,
To dig a hole and cover them up
Just like they were buried

Never to be resurrected or brought to life again, by me
Because in letting go…I am the one
Who is finally set free!