Is there a heart that is aching
Over circumstances big or small?
Praying they are not forsaken
Wanting to express them all.

But for this heart, the words won’t form,
Feeling not as “eloquent”.
As others who have come before you
With praise and prayers to You they’ve sent.

Now for all the prayers unspoken
There is still a powerful fix.
Turning to His word again
in Romans 8:26

So let the Spirit in your weakness,
Intercede for you today.
With Holy groanings to the Father
When you don’t know what to pray.

Lead me O Lord

When darkness comes and brings in fear
I trust that’s when you are most near.
So, I stand firm on solid ground,
Knowing that your love abounds.

When peace eludes me, I’ll seek your face
And cling tightly to Your saving grace.
In quiet solitude and rest
Your voice is heard…”this path is best.”

Jesus lead me day by day,
Hold me tight, don’t let me stray.
Pick me up Lord when I fall.
Jesus you’re my all in all.

Wash me clean, my life renew.
Forgiven past, Your word is true.
Righteous now for what You’ve done.
Holy Father, precious Son.


Mind Your Own Sin

When other’s actions
Seem harsh or rude,
Hold off on the attitude
And mind your own sin!

When angry words
Speak venom and hate,
Don’t get caught up in debate
Mind your own sin!

When personalities
Tend to clash,
Don’t say or do anything brash
Mind your own sin!

When tempers flare
To the point of flame,
Don’t respond by calling names
Mind your own sin!

When rumors fly
With stories told
Defaming characters young and old,
Mind your own sin!

There’s much to learn
By looking within,
Gaining wisdom and knowledge
When you mind your own sin!

Status Quo

Do you begrudge others for their status in life? I’ve visited that emotional state and let me tell you, it’s definitely not a place where you want to take up residence.

I spent the earlier part of my career feeling inferior to some of my colleagues. My feelings of inadequacy were not tied to my performance or abilities, because I achieved on those levels and have had much success. However, I allowed myself to feel inferior over the ascribed status that some of my colleagues possessed and that I deemed important, yet unattainable for advancement in my career at the time.

I hadn’t graduated from the most prestigious University. I wasn’t a member of the local Country Club. I didn’t have the right social connections and my future wasn’t neatly wrapped with a trust fund bow…and if the truth be known I carried a chip on my shoulder at times because of it and was envious of those who possessed it and the material things that went along with such status.

I spent some time subconsciously trying to crack that social circle. I wanted to attain the status of the upper echelon within my organization but there was no amount of charm, personality, or ability that could get this public school girl a membership card. It was definitely a closed social group and I would never be selected as a member.  I envied those who had inherited this status and at the same time, scoffed at their social network.

Funny how time and maturity will change your perspective on things. I have none of those desires now.I am happy and content with my life and how my career has progressed. Our pastor, Craig Strickland (Hope Presbyterian Church/Cordova, TN) spoke on this very subject during the time when these issues were larger stumbling blocks for me. I remember him telling us that we needed to learn to appreciate God’s grace in other people’s lives. I’d never really thought about the status symbols or “material things” we place on being successful as a gift of Grace from God. I remember Pastor Craig’s definitions of Grace and Mercy from that sermon too. He said, “Grace is God giving us the things we Don’t deserve. Mercy is God NOT giving us the things we Do deserve.” I’m so thankful for His Mercy above all!

Looking back, I’m glad I was never inducted into that social network.  I’m proud of my humble beginnings. I had to work hard for the things I achieved and I think I appreciate it more as a result.

Jealousy and envy were stumbling blocks for me earlier in my career and are venomous emotions that will eat you alive! However,  I’ve also learned that feelings of inferiority are not of God either. Those  feelings are placed in our mind by the evil one to keep us from achieving our full potential.

When we finally learn to appreciate God’s grace in other people’s lives, it frees our hearts of envy and opens us up to allow God to move in our own life. Self-worth and approval does not come from social status or possessions. As followers of Christ, we are members of the Royal Family of The Most High God. So there is never a reason to envy the ascribed status of anyone on this earth.

In the book of John 14:2, Jesus tells his disciples that He is “going to prepare a place for us” and when “everything is ready” he “will come and get us”. Oh what a glorious day that will be! We will inherit the Kingdom riches that Christ has prepared… and that will be the status quo for all those who believe in Him!

Psalms to God

Teach me O Lord your ways.
I continue to stumble over my own feet.
Forgive my missteps, because I know Your path and that Your ways are best.
Yet I continue to do things my own way.I sabotage my own efforts.
Like the Israelites, I too round the same mountain again and again; expecting a different result. How long will the struggle last?

Help me Lord to find my way back to You.
I know Your path is much clearer than the one I continue to travel.
I’m stuck in the thicket. The briars have a stronghold on me again.
Free them from me Lord. I’m tired and weak from this constant struggle.

Just yesterday I traveled your path and it was free from rocks and thorns.
There were no briars, no brush or vines to entangle me. No mountains to scale.
The path was smooth and easy to walk. The way before me was bright and clear.
I came upon the path while reading your word and didn’t veer from it.

But then today, after I closed your book, I wandered off course.
Will outbursts of frustration always be a stumbling block for me?
Just like Paul, the thing that I will to do, I do not do.
And the thing that I will not to do…that is the thing that I do!

Why do I turn away from your truths? When I know they will lead me to a place of peace.How long will it take for me to truly learn your ways? How many sunrises will it take to understand Your truth?

Help me to stay in communion with you, studying and reading your word, painting it on my heart. Steer me in the way that I should go as I keep my heart and mind focused on You.

Your word says Your sheep know You and they hear Your voice. I am one of Your sheep Lord. Do not forsake me when I stumble. Forgive me when I fall. Call on me O God, and I will find my way to You. Yes, You are the lamp unto my feet and the light unto my path.