If I Were The Girl I Wanna Be

If I were the girl I wanna be
I’d not let frustrations bother me
I’d sit calmly in my chair
Living life without a care

If I were the girl I wanna be
I’d take better care of me
Exercise daily, sleep 8 hours
Doing everything in my power

Making the most of this life I’m given
Now wondering why I’m not as driven
When I look deep inside of me
Why I’m not the girl I wanna be?

But I know this girl, we’ve met before
She lingers now and again at my door
She stops by long enough for me to see
Glimpses of who I wanna be

She is neat and tidy, and always dressed
Her words, soft-spoken not meant to impress
She offers encouragement when she can
Now why is that girl not who I am?

She’s in control of her whole being
Missteps from her you won’t be seeing
Because she is wise beyond her years
She trusts in God and has no fears

She’s certain where her life will lead
Fame and fortune, the least of these
Her heart is pure, her mind is set
Living each moment to have no regrets

So I take a step back and focus my gaze
At this girl I wanna be through the haze
Of my blurred vision I do believe
With a little more work that girl could be me

He is Risen

The darkest day in history
When Jesus took my sin from me
Hanging naked on a cross
Dying so I would not be lost

Did thunder roll? Did lightening strike?
Did the earth quake at the sight
Of Love nailed to a tree?
You may not think…but I believe

Might winds howled
The sun hid its face
For what we did
Was such a disgrace

The earth shook with all its might
Saying look what you’ve done! This was not right
To crucify the Savior of the world!
But this was ordained by God, as His plan unfurled

For Jesus to take the punishment meant for us
Three days later God would entrust
Him to rise from the grave…death could not keep
Love imprisoned in a tomb…no more should we weep

For Jesus sits at the right hand
Of God alone
Our King, Our Savior
He is risen to the throne!