What makes a man
Stand firm in his faith?
What makes a man believe?

What makes a man
Stand strong with conviction?
What makes others unable to perceive?

His thoughts, his loyalty

It is a firm foundation, where generation, upon generation
Conceived and passed down their inherited trait
To believe in the One True God


What makes a man walk away
From his faith
What makes him fall prey to being deceived?

The lack of knowledge
In our creator
The inability to Jehovah to cleave

Comes from the
Sinful nature of man
Of which we never have a reprieve

Thus, faith takes determination
It takes willful intent
It takes the most consistency

To a daily walk
With The Father, Son and Spirit
The Holy Trinity

Without a daily walk
Without a routine conversation
Without quiet time to adore and confess

Without a relationship
With Jesus, The Christ
Without thankful praise…before requests

God turns a deaf ear
To those who would plea
In their darkest hour…”hear me O Lord”

For His word says
He will not know their name (Matthew 7:21-23 (NIV))
If their house is not built on the rock, it will fall with a great crash in wind and rain

So build your house upon the rock, The Lord Jesus
And your daughters and sons will see
The Blessings of God The Father displayed, on every man who in His great name…BELIEVES!


Contemporary poetry
Leaves me agitated and confused
As I search for meaning
Through every line

I’ve no idea of what
The Author is speaking
I’ve read it and read it
Now…this is the third time!

And I still can’t make sense
Of the embedded meaning
I prefer to tightly weave it
As to leave the yarn unwound

Reaching the larger audience
With reasonable intelligence
Poetry speaks best when the point
Is not mysteriously profound

Yes, you may consider my work
“Elementary, Dear Watson”
With the meaning laid bare
On every line

But, Today’s poetry reads to me
Like a Foreign Language
Encrypted, concealed
It is for this reason, I opine

So please don’t hide it, or mask it
With verse inconceivable
For I’ve loved poetry since I first read
Bemelman’s Madeline

When I read it, I prefer to “get it”
So please stop blurring the lines
And yes…rythmical composition
Is how poetry is defined

Yes, it takes
A very clever chap …book writer
To get the point across
In Rhyme!


With every Blessing, comes a burden
Every blue sky has hidden rain

With every pleasure, joy and comfort
Therein lies displeasure, sorrow, pain

But when we focus on the burden
Sadness, anger, grief, distress

We are unable to enjoy the blessing
With gratitude, love and thankfulness

So when you find yourself in due season
Be it pleasure, pain or test

Live each day clinging to the Savior
Knowing Jesus will reveal what’s best


Hello friend,

It’s been several weeks since my last post and it is so good to be back online!

If these words encourage you on your personal walk of faith, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

I trust that today finds you healthy and well and I hope you will enjoy today’s message, entitled… Walking In Tandem.



You, O Lord are the deepest desire of our hearts
Still the evil one schemes to keep us far apart

With a ventriloquist’s array of voices, he tries to distract
The hearts of those in You, Lord, that are solidly intact

He thinks if he is relentless, “flesh” will soon give in
Leaving shattered pieces of us, he can corrupt all over again

But You, Lord, are the mender of all of our broken pieces
This truth is known to all who believe in Your Biblical teachings

We long to spend precious time at Your feet
Near to the golden covering of Your Mercy Seat

To learn from You, Lord, throughout eternity
The meaning of our lives and Your calling on THE


To share our own journey with those who will listen
To keep each and everyone from entering into perdition

We may not be Bible Scholars or Angelic Saints
We are not models of excellence…and perfect? NO WE AINT!

But we are children of The Most High God
Called to walk in tandem, where His feet have trod

Leaving behind a legacy, that puts their own faith in His name
Forsaking “ALL OTHER VOICES” that would purpose to defame

The Holiest of Holy’s, our Lord Jesus, The Prince of Peace
All Powerful, Mighty Warrior, Glorious, Righteous, King of Kings

So we walk in tandem with You O Lord, one behind the other
Should one veer off Your path, O Lord, he is rescued by a brother

…Or sister

Who has died to “self”
Now living ONLY for you O Lord

Walking step by step, in tandem with You
In harmony and of one accord

So let our character, conduct and conversation
Reflect our faith in You

So that others will see Your good works in us
And be compelled to want the same thing too