Have you heard Ashley Judd’s recital of East Tennessee native, Nina Donovan’s poem, entitled Nasty Woman? If you haven’t heard it…visit You Tube and search: “Ashley Judd rant”

Here’s a response from a West Tennessee native entitled “A Change of View”
– Marie H. Fitts

You can march and you can hate
Raise your fists… retaliate
Hold up signs with vulgar words
Express disdain to what you believe absurd

Yes, in this great Country, you have the right
The “Freedom of Speech”…to state your plight
The right to assemble in the street
Chanting mantras…indiscreet

Gather with thousands of your closest friends
Outspoken celebrities too can attend
Ashley Judd can recite “Nasty Woman” poetic verse
Fueling the fire in an attempt to coerce

All who would listen
To the author, (Nina Donovan)’s rant
Colluding with the message
Of her persuasive slant

But that very same freedom
Is extended to me
To speak the truth
Of what I see

A nation that does NOT fear God
Holding fast to the facade
Of liberty and justice… for all
Yet doesn’t exercise the full extent of its laws

To those who wonder why
No Social Security is left
It is because Roe v. Wade
Put our future tax payers to death!

A Nation that allows
The killing of its young
Includes “future celebrities”…like Madonna,
But their voices are unsung!

It’s also interesting to note
That over these past eight ‘Obama” years
Civilized Americans didn’t protest
Although we had many fears

No, we kept going to work
Paying taxes every day
Then we got down on our knees and
To The Lord, we prayed

For a “LEADER”
NOT a “Clinton” …or a “Bush”
But a PRESIDENT that would take command
And for our concerns… NOT to be hushed

We have enemies who hate us
For the very way of life
Most “Celebrities” lead
Yet, they don’t see that plight

No, they are outraged
At the idea of vetting the names
Of foreigners who might intend to harm us
…Therein lies the shame

Call it profiling, if you must
You can’t know what’s in a man’s heart
And it’s their motives
No one trusts!

America said “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses
Yearning to breathe free.”
NOWHERE in the invitation stated
Our allegiance to you…should kill me!

Thus we are a nation divided
No longer “united” states
This division strikes a moral cord
Because there is much at stake

So I use my Freedom of Speech
Just like the protestor’s used
To let them know…I disagree
And that I believe they are confused

America was founded as
One nation under God
Now she is accountable for Generations of
Sparing the rod!

The Lord uses discipline
Revealing our sin
To deter the act
Of committing it again

This Country too
Needs much discipline
So that all of its children
Will enter in

The Glory of Heaven
Where Jesus sits at The Throne
Don’t let yourself be caught off guard
All nations will be overthrown

By The Lord God of Israel
Jehovah, The King of Kings
Yahweh, Master of the Universe
Creator of All Things!

So read these words again and again
I certainly hope you will
The “civilized” Americans live and breathe and
We are far “Greater” still


We’ve not forgotten our God
Though to you, He may be silent
He speaks loudly to the “Believer’s Heart”
Because of this…we will NOT riot

We put our faith in what is right and true
In all the words written in red
We put our hope in Jesus Christ
In everything that He said

He also said, “ Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace.” (Matthew 10:34-39)
No, Christ came to divide
As Believer’s in Christ, it is our responsibility
To make certain we are “ALL” on the same side

The biggest difference I see
Between folks like me and you
Is I’ve allowed Jesus to change my heart
As a result…it has changed my views