All Because We Believed

Through the aches and pains of the ever-dying body
It is our priviledge to share in the sufferings of Christ
We are dying to be resurrected
In a new vessel akin… to His Glorious Light
New bodies to house our souls throughout eternity
New names to be given each one of us by Christ
Even the air we breath is a gift
Jesus physically gave us the breath of His life
Breathing onto His disciples, as He taught The Gospels
His Holy Spirit transferred, taking flight
Through their witness, He handed down through the generations
The Holy Spirit to permeate each life lived for Christ
Sent to protect us, The Holy Spirit is our Mentor
A trusted Guide, our truest Friend
He will always comfort and keep us
He will be our Advocate through to the end
Of the age…
When this mortal life will no longer be
Of flesh and blood and oxygen
From this dying-vessel
We will forever be FREE!
Freedom from the chains
The bondage of our sin
Free of all the sickness and pain
Our earthly transgressions have trapped us in
We can’t ignore the ever-dying body
But we can stand firm in what we believe
The aches and pains we will forever lay down
A new body we will receive
In the image of Christ
Transformed to His likeness
His glory we will perceive
Finally aware through our senses
All because we believed