Overwhelmed and overloaded
The devil in me’s “F” bomb exploded over the most trivial of things
That have no worth in Heaven above or here on earth
Why do we let little irritations take over our control?
Spewing filthy language, allowing Satan a foothold to eat away our inheritance
One “biting” irritation at a time
And to strip us from the Holy Life, Children of God are so inclined
Now guilt springs forth, in shame she hangs her head
Over the filthy language this Jesus Girl said
How can she claim to be one of God’s very own
When she falls repeatedly into the traps, Satan has sewn
But then she humbles herself before God’s Throne
Asking for forgiveness praying, He won’t disown this Jesus Girl
Who struggles every minute to live a life where sin isn’t in it
Where peace and harmony can always be found
Everywhere you look God’s children are around
What then should we make of repeated sin?
Can we ask forgiveness time and time again?
He knew we would struggle
He knew we would fall again and again
That’s why He called this Jesus Girl and other’s like me
To share their faith walk for all people to see
That “perfection” is only found in God’s Son
Jesus alone lived the unblemished life
A life that we have won by putting our Faith in all Jesus did on the cross
Taking on every sin so we would not be lost
Yes, He knew we would struggle, He knew we would fail
So He offered His Grace, His mercy prevails over every sin…present, future or past
He took our punishment so we would not be cast into the Lake of Fire
Yes, He took all these imperfections
Anger, rage, frustration and disgust, repugnant behavior, so we must
Realize Jesus felt these emotions
But remained blameless from sin
He covered our inequities so we must commit to live
According to His Character, His Conduct and His Conversations
Even when we fall short we must strive to be a representation
Of the unconditional love Jesus extends through nail scarred hands
To all who will believe in Him, seeking to follow His commands


A Response to Ashley Judd’s Recital of Nina Donovan’s Poem, Nasty Woman.
(If you haven’t heard it, visit You Tube (search: Ashley Judd rant))

You can march and you can hate
Raise your fists… retaliate
Hold up signs with vulgar words
Express disdain to what you believe absurd

Yes, in this great Country, you have the right
The “Freedom of Speech”…to state your plight
The right to assemble in the street
Chanting mantras…indiscreet

Gather with thousands of your closest friends
Outspoken celebrities too can attend
Ashley Judd can recite “Nasty Woman” poetic verse
Fueling the fire in an attempt to coerce

All who would listen
To the author, (Nina Donovan)’s rant
Colluding with the message
Of her persuasive slant

But that very same freedom
Is extended to me
To speak the truth
Of what I see

A nation that does NOT fear God
Holding fast to the facade
Of liberty and justice… for all
Yet doesn’t exercise the full extent of its laws

To those who wonder why
No Social Security is left
It is because Roe v. Wade
Put our future tax payers to death!

A Nation that allows
The killing of its young
Includes “future celebrities”…like Madonna,
But their voices are unsung!

It’s also interesting to note
That over these past eight ‘Obama” years
Civilized Americans didn’t protest
Although we had many fears

No, we kept going to work
Paying taxes every day
Then we got down on our knees and
To The Lord, we prayed

For a “LEADER”
NOT a “Clinton” …or a “Bush”
But a PRESIDENT that would take command
And for our concerns… NOT to be hushed

We have enemies who hate us
For the very way of life
Most “Celebrities” lead
Yet, they don’t see that plight

No, they are outraged
At the idea of vetting the names
Of foreigners who might intend to harm us
…Therein lies the shame

Call it profiling, if you must
You can’t know what’s in a man’s heart
And it’s their motives
No one trusts!

America said “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses
Yearning to breathe free.”
NOWHERE in the invitation stated
Our allegiance to you…should kill me!

Thus we are a nation divided
No longer “united” states
This division strikes a moral cord
Because there is much at stake

So I use my Freedom of Speech
Just like the protestor’s used
To let them know…I disagree
And that I believe they are confused

America was founded as
One nation under God
Now she is accountable for Generations of
Sparing the rod!

The Lord uses discipline
Revealing our sin
To deter the act
Of committing it again

This Country too
Needs much discipline
So that all of its children
Will enter in

The Glory of Heaven
Where Jesus sits at The Throne
Don’t let yourself be caught off guard
All nations will be overthrown

By The Lord God of Israel
Jehovah, The King of Kings
Yahweh, Master of the Universe
Creator of All Things!

So read these words again and again
I certainly hope you will
The “civilized” Americans live and breathe and
We are far “Greater” still


We’ve not forgotten our God
Though to you, He may be silent
He speaks loudly to the “Believer’s Heart”
Because of this…we will NOT riot

We put our faith in what is right and true
In all the words written in red
We put our hope in Jesus Christ
In everything that He said

He also said, “ Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace.” (Matthew 10:34-39)
No, Christ came to divide
As Believer’s in Christ, it is our responsibility
To make certain we are “ALL” on the same side

The biggest difference I see
Between folks like me and you
Is I’ve allowed Jesus to change my heart
As a result…it has changed my views


By: Marie H. Fitts

Words inspire
Words hate
Words can bless or retaliate

Words may not intend to cause alarm
Words carelessly used
Words cause harm

Words cut deep; sharper than a knife
Words encourage
Words have life

Words spoken in “gest”
Words interact
Words send messages of fallacy or fact

Words said in “confidence”
Words keep quiet
Words evoke emotions that trigger riots

Words slander
Words defame
Words falsely used…words claim

Words slur…intoxicated
Words discredit
With misrepresentation

Words harass
Words ridicule
Words uttered in outrage..mock a fool

Words scorn with disrespect
Words vilify
Words object

Words make laughable, uneasy situations
Words get lost
When fabricated

Words invoke God in times of trouble
Words bring together
Words unbuckle

Words mumbled under breath
Words indistinct
Words hard to digest

Words thoughtfully sought…bring a desired end
Words spoken with kindness
Words defend

Words can heal
Words promote
Words contribute to progress and growth

Words take heed; giving thoughtful attention
Words show interest…or
Sharp dissension

Words express love in different ways
When neither good nor bad
Indifference displays

Words make us laugh
Words cause us to weep
Words spoken in haste…will steal our sleep

Words conquer
Words invade; taking possession
Words persuade

Words divide
Words congregate…from the pulpit
Words offer God’s grace

Words win approval and support
Words navigate
Words too…steer off course

Words unspoken have a longing to speak
Cleverly amusing words…Tongue-in-cheek

Words carry weight…sum a thousand tons
Words are light…When the burden is undone

I could keep writing words…to convey
Words aren’t what they seem
Words too, can betray


Words tempered with grace
Expressive elegance and beauty
Are not just polite…they are absolutely

Words to hold near and dear to your heart
Words of praise
Words to impart


Words leave impressions
Like footprints on clay
Words cause depression…so watch what you say

You are the author
Spewing venom or making nice
It’s in the power of the tongue…so take this advice

Hold fast to your words
Choose wisely what you say…when presented to the world
Words are forever on display


The Lord Jesus has given each of us
A “measure of faith”
With which to seek His Love
And receive His grace

Even if it’s no larger than a mustard seed
This measure of faith will grow
If the caretaker of the garden
Earnestly wants to know

The Creator of the Heavens and Earth
Ruler over the moon and stars
The King of Kings, The Lord of Lords
Your faith will ignite, transcending you afar

Into the heavenly realm with The Lord
He returns blessing to all those who use
Their measure of faith to show others His grace
And to pass along the Good News

Of The Gospel…according to Christ

That He is The Way to eternal life
A place beyond death and the grave
Where those who believe and trust in Jesus name
Are rewarded for their measure of faith

Jesus trampled over sin and death on the Cross
Where He took our place
Carrying the sin debt of the world
So that we would not have to face

Eternal punishment, the second death
A place of filth and stench, of fire and pain,
A place devoid of mercy
A place with no water…no rain

The Bible speaks of death
As separation from God
Not cessation from existence
Yet, some believe that school of thought

And there are those who claim to be atheists
They don’t believe in our Creator, The Lord God
And shouldn’t be surprised when they die
Their measure of faith propelled them right where they are

No, death is not the end for the Believer
And, it is not the end for the Un-saved
Eternity is an infinite circle that depends
On how you use your measure of faith


Do you ever wonder why things happen the way they do? Since this life is ordained by God, what was His purpose for this particular thing happening to you? Do you ponder if there is a lesson to be learned; or do you deal with each circumstance without too much concern (regarding the bigger picture) within the story of your life? Does your heart and mind struggle in a twisted writhe?

I tend to be curious as to the “why” things turn out like they do; pondering what The Lord was teaching, as I was walking through the experience, the circumstance, the specific situation. In angst, dismay and nervousness with forbidding trepidation.

I ponder and wonder and contemplate the “ifs” the “whys”  “for whats”. Mulling it over and again in my mind, until it almost drives me nuts! Because if our fight is not against flesh and blood but against the darkness of Satan’s spiritual regime; it stands to reason Satan’s minions tripped me up and I just didn’t see ’em!


Perhaps it is a test from The Living God, to see how I will react? Will I call on His name in my hour of need… or curse Him…which holds an eternal impact!

I recently found myself in a bit of a situation, which resulted in me being flat on my back. I cried out to The Lord, “O God, O God” with praise and prayers I would NOT have to retract! And yes He heard my cries and answered my prayer, as I laid there in the mud and the rain; sending “Angels” to attend to my need… three I knew, one I didn’t catch her name.

But she took my hand and prayed over me. She could tell I was in great pain. Asking for healing, she lifted me up…praying for me in Jesus’ name. It was at that moment when she finished her prayer, the nurse called my name and her touch was withdrawn. I turned back around to thank her, but in that instant…she was gone!

In past times my thoughts have turned Heavenward, pondering, what The Savior might be trying to teach but it wasn’t until I was flat on my back did I allow His voice to reach…

My unwillingness to listen, my disobedience to His Word, because my half-hearted seeking had left my vision blurred…to living a life only for God! And since Christ suffered in His body we arm ourselves with the same attitude. Because he who has suffered in his body is finished with sin. He is through! So we must NOT be surprised at the painful trials we suffer, as something strange were happening to us. But know that we take part in the sufferings of Christ, so that we may be overjoyed and rejoice.  (1 Peter 4:1-11 (NIV))

The Bible says, if you suffer because of the name of Christ you are blessed. For the spirit of glory and of God on you, rests. If you suffer ii should not be as a murderer or thief. If you suffer as a Christian do not be ashamed, no longer weep. But praise God that you bear the name of Christ, resting assuredly your name is found in The Lamb’s Book of Life. Yes, those who suffer according to God’s will should…commit themselves to their spiritual creator and continue to do good.



Heaven called her by name
Illuminating the earth’s atmosphere
Sparkling and twinkling during the early light years
Lighting the ebony night sky in ultraviolet blue
She was one of a multitude of celestial beings
Yet... this one
This one was no ordinary being
She personified the sky 
Filling all space and time for those who loved her
Her heavenly body motionless at times
Other times she swayed
In the amber glow of her starry host
But mostly...she soared
                    Higher still

Dancing along the edge of the cosmos
Flirting along the firey prism of life
Cozy sapphire wavelengths... warmed her heart 
Blue-green and emerald hues ignited her spirit  
Yellow and orange flames
Exploded into passion
There were times she simmered 
In ruby red flames of envy
Red hot fire raged with anger on occasion too
Infrared flames 
Eventually scorched
Leaving marks and scars 
On her heart
Her days are ebbing now
The light years wane
Softly against the ebony night sky
A warm amber glow returns
Ever so slowly
        Floating among the clouds  
Her sparkling light 
                     fading now
Then again
Heaven called her by name







2 Timothy 1:7-11  New International Version (NIV)

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. So do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord or of me his prisoner. Rather, join with me in suffering for the gospel, by the power of God. He has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace. This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time, 10 but it has now been revealed through the appearing of our Savior, Christ Jesus, who has destroyed death and has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel. 11 And of this gospel I was appointed a herald and an apostle and a teacher.



The more I know Jesus…the more I’m not afraid to die

But embrace the future moment when I will meet Our Lord in the sky

We hold tightly to this “fallen” world, when we fear the unknown

But a heart in relationship with Jesus, The Christ, holds no fear…no fear was ever sewn

Into the hearts of those who trust in Jesus, into the minds of those redeemed by The Christ

For fear only exists in darkness, no fear exists in The Children of Light

No I can’t claim to have always felt this way… in times past I walked in the dark

The spirit of fear lived within me then… without power and self-discipline I embarked

On a journey without peace, a departure… toward the grave

But Jesus called me to live a Holy Life, fulfilling His purpose, He offered me grace

His purpose ordained before the beginning of time, revealed through relationship with Christ, Who trampled over the grave and conquered death, His believers are promised immortal life

Like the Apostle, Paul, who God appointed and called

I guard The Holy Spirit’s investment in me

To speak boldly my faith, through verse and rhyme

Communicating to you…eloquently

That you will fear NOT about death or what your future holds

If you will trust in Jesus, peace and eternity unfolds

For all who acknowledge The Lord, believing and trusting upon His name

He will give to you a fearless heart, because He loves YOU exactly the same


CORRELATION: Can you recall a time in your own life, when you were timid or afraid? What specific emotions surfaced during the experience?

COMMUNICATION: Share briefly in the comments section how disobedience to God’s Word causes fear. How does fear effect your character, your conduct and your conversations?

APPLICATION: Share your story with a friend, family member or co-worker, who may be dealing with a similar situation. Read and study God’s Word daily. Ask The Holy Spirit to reveal to you His wisdom, knowledge and discernment, so you will know how to apply His Word in your own life, as you help those around you utilize God’s Word in their lives as well.

QUOTATION:  “Sound Bible study transforms the heart by training the mind and always places God at the center of the story.” – Jen Wilkin

Transfer Possession

Oh for days and days to write
Until my heart’s content
Thought-provoking words from ink to page
Is my sole intent

To share with you…my thoughts, my faith
That your world might grow stronger with every reading
And to steer clear of the mistakes I’ve made
From the bottom of my heart I am pleading

For you to take these simple words of mine
Spend time with them in contemplation
Of your character, your conduct
And the words you speak

Especially in idle conversation

Are you stating facts
Or are you just being polite
With words that are humble
Penitent and contrite

Because the reader and listener
Will see holes in every page
If your words are not authentic
They will soon disengage

From the Message

The one God called you to tell
Through the story of your life
A story, You know
Good and well

Can help someone else
Currently walking in those shoes
To make a different choice
Your words could help them choose


It’s not ours to take away, it’s not ours to give
But to transfer possession of The Holy Spirit within
Repent, open your heart, breathe it in…and live
Then Exhale…transferring possession all over again

Silence is Cowardly

If we know God’s Truth
We must speak it boldly
Silence is cowardly
Apathy destroys slowly

Irreparable damage results
When we choose to ignore
The “little things” unaligned with God’s Word
Soon manifest and we will eventually abhor

Finding repugnant the state of affairs
In which we now live
All because we didn’t speak up
Satan now penetrates and gives

Fuel to the flaming arrows
His minions impale against our hearts
Snuffing out the truth and desire
God intended for His Believer’s to impart

With every brother, every sister
Every Father, Mother and friend
To live in harmony and peace
And with demons… not have to contend

But our apathy, lack of interest
Absence of obedience to God’s Word
Finds us in these reprehensible state of affairs
Which is now utterly absurd

Deviation from God’s Word
Might not have been the original intent
But careless thoughts and actions led to
The uprising of those against

All that is good and pure from God’s Word
His Ten Commands to keep order and peace
Our careless lack of interest allowed
Satan’s foothold to increase

Among the un-churched, among the un-learned
Among those that don’t know about God
But as Christians we are to testify so that
No one is fooled by defraud

It is our calling to speak God’s Truth’s
Until every ear has heard
The Gospel of Jesus Christ
Submitting their heart to His Authority and Word

Yes, as children of God
We must speak The Truth boldly
Silence is cowardly and
Apathy destroys slowly

Poeming The Promises

You know my heart Lord
You know what causes me pain
You lead me in the struggle, Lord
I hear you calling my name

You lead me in paths of righteousness
Though I seldom see
The culmination of Your mighty work
Peering into “my reflection of me”

Too busy focusing on what I think are flaws… my eyes see imperfection inside and out
No, You didn’t create imperfection, Lord
So what’s my negative focus all about?

It’s about Satan, the evil one
He is a “stalker of the mind”
Not asking the Holy Spirit to control
My thoughts, allows Satan to attack from behind!

He is relentless, he never sleeps
He gains breath only when I give him life
So I must guard my heart and release Control to The Holy Spirit…

Over my mind

I give my thoughts to You, Holy Spirit
I relinquish control over my mind
Show me The Glory that’s waiting when I Release condemning thoughts one at a time

Over to You…

To replace the negative focus from Satan’s relentless torment
Remind me the call on my life, Lord
Poeming The Promises…

With spiritual encouragement

Remind others too that read these words
Not to conform to the pattern of this world, but to be transformed by the Renewing of their mind, where

Satan’s control will forever be unfurled

Teaching life lessons through verse and rhyme, I have been called by You Lord
to pursue. It’s the dream that’s taken hold of my heart…

A dream I believe came from You

You’ve blessed me with the talent
To share life lessons through verse and Rhyme. A blessing I’m called
To share with Others

In groups…or one at a time

So I pray these words for every reader, Lord, Will not fall on dead, deaf ears And that for specific ones who need them most, to take the time to listen

And hear…Your voice

Through these simple words that rhyme
Speaking faith directly into their hearts
Poeming The Promises of Your Word
Allowing me to impart

My faith, my love, my allegiance Lord
To You and You alone
Poeming The Promises of Your Word
Until You call me home