And The Winner Is…

I watched The Grammy Awards the other night and this poem was born out of what I witnessed during prime time television…

Is it a shame what Hollywood has become
Has stardom ruined the bright minds of our young
Where is the talent in all its glory
That won’t stoop to foul language to tell its story
Pop artists and rappers weave masterful tales
“Wrecking ball” havoc…just for the sales
Record execs clamor over the latest ingenue
Will she succumb to debauchery too
Where are the young actors like Hepburn and Gable
That took us to places our feet weren’t able
Is nothing ever left to the imagination
Flesh exposed on every prime time station
Are our morals twisted and is society hell-bent
Is there anything left with a valued content
The new Country artist sings go smoke a joint
And follow your arrow wherever it points
But who will stand up for what is right
Turn off the channel and say good night
To this so-called “entertainment” they’re feeding you and me
Have we become immune to all that we see
When the spotlight dims
And the envelope rips
Do you really care
Who the winner is
A bitter pill is
Hard to swallow
If it’s fed to your mind
Your heart will follow

Author: Marie Fitts

Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Writer, Dog Lover, Grated in and Grateful, Child of the Most High God!

1 thought on “And The Winner Is…”

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I was mortified at what I witnessed! Grammy worthy? I don ‘t think so! Well said, honey!!
    Love, Karen~~~

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