“Unpunished” and “Imprisoned” Sin


You are not forgotten
Though you live enchained
For sinful deeds committed
Christ still loves you just the same

As He loves those of us “on the outside”
Some have done far worse… that’s true
Committing what should have been punishable deeds
Yet, are allowed to walk freely through

This Life…

While you sit inside a cell
Why the punishment doesn’t
Fit every sin?
Is not for me to tell

But I do believe a life confined
Allows time for contemplation
That God’s “chosen”… may not have ever used
Were it not for the incarceration

God has a plan for each of us
The ones He’s called, ones He foreknew
“Who are The Called” …some may ask?
I believe, “It’s Me and You!”

What a great opportunity
To use confined time
To paint God’s word
On your heart

Ask The Holy Spirit
To reveal His “knowledge”
Ask for His “wisdom”
As you read to impart…

The Gospel

To those around you
Who are thirsty
To the souls who are
Dry and parched

God can use you even
In confinement
For we each play a

Your role is not forgotten
You’re not just an “extra” to the scene
He forgives “ALL” who repent
Filthy hearts… He washes clean

For “ALL” have sinned
Falling short of His glory
We’ve trampled over the
Commandments He sent

None are worthy
To stand beside Him
Or to be allowed
In His Holy presence

This sinner was compelled
By His Spirit
To pray for you
Time and again

Knowing Jesus
Loves “Unconditionally”
He died for
“Unpunished” and “Imprisoned” Sin

Author: Marie Fitts

Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Writer, Dog Lover, Grated in and Grateful, Child of the Most High God!

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