By: Marie H. Fitts

Words inspire
Words hate
Words can bless or retaliate

Words may not intend to cause alarm
Words carelessly used
Words cause harm

Words cut deep; sharper than a knife
Words encourage
Words have life

Words spoken in “gest”
Words interact
Words send messages of fallacy or fact

Words said in “confidence”
Words keep quiet
Words evoke emotions that trigger riots

Words slander
Words defame
Words falsely used…words claim

Words slur…intoxicated
Words discredit
With misrepresentation

Words harass
Words ridicule
Words uttered in outrage..mock a fool

Words scorn with disrespect
Words vilify
Words object

Words make laughable, uneasy situations
Words get lost
When fabricated

Words invoke God in times of trouble
Words bring together
Words unbuckle

Words mumbled under breath
Words indistinct
Words hard to digest

Words thoughtfully sought…bring a desired end
Words spoken with kindness
Words defend

Words can heal
Words promote
Words contribute to progress and growth

Words take heed; giving thoughtful attention
Words show interest…or
Sharp dissension

Words express love in different ways
When neither good nor bad
Indifference displays

Words make us laugh
Words cause us to weep
Words spoken in haste…will steal our sleep

Words conquer
Words invade; taking possession
Words persuade

Words divide
Words congregate…from the pulpit
Words offer God’s grace

Words win approval and support
Words navigate
Words too…steer off course

Words unspoken have a longing to speak
Cleverly amusing words…Tongue-in-cheek

Words carry weight…sum a thousand tons
Words are light…When the burden is undone

I could keep writing words…to convey
Words aren’t what they seem
Words too, can betray


Words tempered with grace
Expressive elegance and beauty
Are not just polite…they are absolutely

Words to hold near and dear to your heart
Words of praise
Words to impart


Words leave impressions
Like footprints on clay
Words cause depression…so watch what you say

You are the author
Spewing venom or making nice
It’s in the power of the tongue…so take this advice

Hold fast to your words
Choose wisely what you say…when presented to the world
Words are forever on display

Author: Marie Fitts

Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Writer, Dog Lover, Grated in and Grateful, Child of the Most High God!

1 thought on “MORE THAN WORDS”

  1. Thank you for these beautiful words!!!
    One of the hardest things I face is letting
    go of hurtful words spoken many years
    ago. The later part of your poem gives
    me hope.

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